Coach Chris

RRCA Certified Run Coach

NASM Personal Trainer

5 Years Coaching Experience

6 x 100 Mile Finisher


Personal Running Accomplishments

1. Sub-24hr (Silver Buckle) at Western States 100 2019 (23:31)
2. Finishing every hundred-miler I have started (6 for 6)
3. Marathon Personal Record – 3:03
4. 1st Overall – 2019 Gassy Goat 40K
5. 2nd – 2016 Dances With Dirt Gnaw Bone 50K


About my coaching:

With both a science and a design background, I study, understand, then utilize a variety of evidence-based training methodologies (Daniels, MAF, Lydiard, etc.) to develop one or more aspects of your running. Running is a process, and I like to break down the holistic picture into five main components.

1. Form (Biomechanics) and Running Economy – How the “chassis” works (i.e how we move and how efficiently we can move at a given speed)
2. Heart and Lungs (Cardiovascular system) – The pump system that processes and delivers the energy throughout the chassis
3. Skeleton/Muscles (Skeletomuscular) – The components that make the chassis
4. Nutrition – The fuel that powers the chassis
5. Mental – The race car is only as sharp as its driver

I like to start from where you are at versus where you want to be, to encourage consistency and prevent injuries. My general philosophy focuses on first developing your aerobic base, through volume and easy running, as well as your running economy, through strides. After base- and economy-building, we then sharpen and focus, with workouts and race strategies, based on your goals.

One last thing – I do not claim to have all the answers, if any. This will be a process and we may not get it right from the start but I have ideas, understandings and can provide a myriad of options so that we can embrace the learning process and explore what works best for YOU.