Coach Skelly

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  • Former NCAA Head Women’s Cross Country & Distance Track Coach
  • Non-runner, former smoker turned Boston Qualifier 
  • 20 Years Run Coaching Experience
  •  18 Years Certified Personal Training Experience (American College of Sports Medicine)
  •  Master’s Runner, Ultra Marathoner, Boston Marathoner

5k 17:48 -10k 38:56 – Half 1:23:58- Full 3:11:56


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“Stay healthy, run consistently and good things will happen”

Running specific strength training can be a major factor in keeping you injury free. As a certified personal trainer with 18+ years of experience & a former head NCAA cross country coach, Skelly has extensive experience helping runners build stregnth, improve power & rehab from injury. 

Example Move: Use theraband during this goblet squat to keep my knees from caving in. This will not only help with knee and joint stability but it also gives me some much needed lateral strength at the same time.