Coach Jessica

Coach Jessica Payne

  • 5+ Years Run Coaching ExperienceScreen Shot 2019-02-26 at 1.20.54 PM
  • 4 Years Personal Training Experience
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Corrective Exercises Specialist
  • Boston Qualifier
  • Self Coached 4:24 down to 3:26 marathon

Personal Records:

  • 3:26 marathon
  • 1:31 half marathon
  • 19:58 5k

Jessica is also a mom of 2! She understands how the challenges that come with juggling training and little ones.


My first and foremost goal is to help you find what YOU are truly passionate about and find appropriate measures to get you where you want to be. Whether it’s weight loss, run a 5k, tone up a bit there’s always a creative way to get you there. Everyone has a different “it” factor. Some people find joy in running, Cross Fit, cross-stitching, reading, kickboxing, hiking, biking, cooking, swimming, dancing, walking, and the list extends beyond measure. What I aim to do is find out what YOUR “it” factor is and find ways to enhance your ability to achieve said goals. Where there’s a will there is most assuredly a way! But please know that if you have NO will or desire than I cannot work miracles with you. Your journey is yours!

Fitness is not solely a “gym” term. Fitness is being active in any manner you choose. We can take it to the playground, the running track, the hiking trails, the great outdoors, your home, or anywhere you like to be. All it takes is a little creative thinking outside the box! And let me say it loud and clear:

You DO NOT have to be a “fitness junkie” to feel good about your body or to be “fit”! You simply need to learn how to live an active, full, and healthy well-balanced life!

And together with friends new and old makes the journey that much more fun! I host a spring/summer 5k boot camp each year. I created this to make fitness an affordable venture for those who desire to run their first or fastest 5k. I’m proud to report each lady has pred at least once over the course or finished their first 5k strong.