Podcast topics

Episode 97- Online vs in person coaching

Episode 96- Runner’s etiquette

Episode 95- Nutrition, Yoga, Sleep, Foam Rolling: all the little things

Episode 94- Self belief will take you to the next level

Episode 93- How to breathe while running?

Episode 92- How to start training hard again after offseason

Episode 91- How are our coaches selected

Episode 90- How to find the perfect pair of running shoes

Episode 89- Should you run based on effort, pace or HR?

Episode 88- How to find a routine for success: morning or afternoon runners

Episode 87- How to Become a Running Coach

Episode 86- Getting a training plan & working with a coach: how it works

Episode 85- Reflecting on 2020 accomplishments & Setting goals for 2021

Episode 84- Polarized Training: Why Running Slow Makes You Fast

Episode 83- Staying Motivated & On Track Over The Holiday Season

Episode 82- Tips For Dressing in the Cold

Episode 81- Running your Best 5k (Turkey Trot Edition)

Episode 80- How to Stay Motivated to Run in the Cold

Episode 79- Setting Goals for Winter & 2021

Episode 78- The Importance of the Off Season

Episode 77- Should You Do a Back-Up Race?

Episode 76- Post Racing Blues & Recovery

Episode 75- Traveling to your goal races

Episode 74- Calming Pre-Race Nerves

Episode 73- Pacing Plans For Running Your Best Times

Episode 72- Developing Race Day Goals & Assessing Your Fitness

Episode 71- Tapering: How & Why You Should Do it

Episode 70- What it Takes to Boston Qualify & Last Chance BQ Tips

Episode 69- Injuries: How To Avoid Them & Comeback From Them

Episode 68- Nutrition & Fueling

Episode 67- Peak Marathon Training Benchmarks

Episode 66- Cut Back Weeks: Are You Missing A Critical Part Of Training

Episode 65- Will Running A Marathon Make You Faster?

Episode 64- Peak Heat: Why Running in the Heat Will Make You Faster This Fall

Episode 63- Maintaining Motivation Despite Race Cancellations

Episode 62- Summer Racing 5k Tips

Episode 61- 20 Mile Long Runs: Are They Needed?

Episode 60- Stopping on Long Runs

Episode 59- Racing Your Best 5k: Virtual Race Edition

Episode 58- Qualifying & Registering For Boston: How it Works

Episode 57- Virtual Racing: How To & What Is The Point

Episode 56- Fueling: How to Start Practicing Fueling For Long Runs

Episode 55- What Training For Fall Marathons Should Look Like 5-6 Months Out

Episode 54- Immune Suppression & Overtraining

Episode 53- How The Heat Will Impact Training This Summer

Episode 52- Building Mileage: How & When

Episode 51- When to Start Training For Fall Races & How To Avoid Burn Out

Episode 50- Transition Back Outside After Winter of Treadmill Running

Episode 49- Uncertain Times: How To Stay Focused When Things Change

Episode 48- Races Are Cancelled Covid-19: Now what!?

Episode 47- Easy Running: How & Why it Makes You Faster

Episode 46- How To Gain Endurance

Episode 45- Managing Stress Variables: Long Runs, Mileage & Workouts

Episode 44- Progressive Overload Approach: The Best Way To Improve

Episode 43- Cut Back Weeks: What They Are & Why You Need Them

Episode 42- Training Difference For Marathon vs 5k

Episode 41- How To Stay Motivated After 20+ Years of Running

Episode 40- Legal Doping? Tips To Get Your Fastest Times Without Doing More Work

Episode 39- Boston Marathon Training Kick Off

Episode 38- Injury Prevention For Runners

Episode 37- Self Belief & Running: Confidence & Mental Training

Episode 36- Tempo Runs: The Best Workouts To Get Faster

Episode 35- How Fast Can you Become? What Are Your Limits?

Episode 34- Cold & Flu Season As A Runner

Episode 33- Treadmill vs Outside Running

Episode 32- Cross Training: What is it & Why You Should Do it

Episode 31- Racing Tips For 5k-10k

Episode 30- Winter Running: Snow, Ice or Treadmill

Episode 29- Natural Speed, Durability & Mental Toughness

Episode 28- Goal Setting & Reaching Your Potential

Episode 27- Optimizing Your Offseason To Become Faster

Episode 26- Why you NEED to make time off after a marathon

Episode 25- Recovery is essential for long term success

Episode 24- Preparing for your best race on the road: traveling to goal races

Episode 23- Twin Cities Marathon Pacing & Spectating

Episode 22- Tapering & Peaking: How to Run Your Best Race This Fall

Episode 21- Pacing & Determining Race Day Goals For Half & Full Marathons

Episode 20- Sacrifices to reaching your potential

Episode 19- 11 Years of Chasing an Olympic Trials Qualifying Time: Never Give Up!

Episode 18- Is Social Media Hurting Your Training: The Truth

Episode 17- Marathon Training Mistakes & Quick Tweaks To Breakthrough

Episode 16- Transitioning To Early Morning Running

Episode 15- First Marathon Training Tips

Episode 14- Racing on the 4th of July

Episode 13- The Injured Runner: How to Comeback Stronger

Episode 12- Online vs. Group Training: Which is Better

Episode 11- Race Day Performance Anxiety

Episode 10- Nutrition & Fueling For Long Distance Running With R.D.

Episode 9- Boston Qualifying: What it really takes

Episode 8- From Boston Qualifier to IRONMAN Finisher

Episode 7- 2:15 Marathoner on Overcoming Failure & Rejections

Episode 6- Strength Training For Runners: Removing The Confusion

Episode 5- From Smoker To Boston Qualifier: Scott Sekelsky

Episode 4- Marathon Success Requires Passion: Meghan Roth

Episode 3- Trusting the Process: 2:40 Marathoner Ben Jacobs

Episode 2- Shouldn’t I be Faster By Now?

Episode 1- Mind shift to Boston Qualifier