89. Should you run based on effort, pace or HR?

EPISODE 89- Should you run based on effort, pace or HR?

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There are many ways you can gauge effort on a run. With all the gadgets around now, it seems like the data is endless. Should we look at HR, Cadence, pace, stride length or should we just go based off effort? What is the most important variable? How come sometimes when I run easy, my HR is sky high? We are going to do a deep dive into the different variable at play when you are running and which to look at for the data you need to assess. Don’t get lose in the noise of too much data.

-What was the one thing you started training with for the first 10 years of your running?

-When was the first time you wore a GPS watch?

-Looking back did the GPS help or hurt you? In what ways was it helpful?

-What are some of the downsides to running based off pace?

-When did you start to track your HR on runs?

-Do you find that HR data to follow a pattern and be accurate?

-Are you ever confused by a high or low HR reading?

-How much do you look to HR as a guide?

– How can you improve your HR when running at a fast pace?

-How do you know what paces to run?

-Do some days feel harder than others at the same pace?

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