Coach Victoria- Owner

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Coach Victoria is the owner of Run4PRs Coaching. Ever since, 2013 she has helped hundreds of runners set PRs in 1 mile-50 mile distances. Victoria took Run4PRs Coaching full time in 2016. Victoria has a background in accounting & finance, so her first business move was to hire a head coach with over a decade of experience & expertise, Ben Jacobs joined the team in late 2016. In addition to coaching, Victoria runs the administrative side of the business while Ben focuses on the coaching & management of assistant coaches side of the business

Victoria started running as an adult, so she has a empathetic & understanding approach to training. She believes in building confidence is key in addition to effective and progressive training.



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RRCA Certified Coach, 5 years of coaching experience, 11x Boston Qualifier

She has helped dozens of athlete’s become first time Boston Qualifiers and reach the next level in their training.