Coach Meghan


Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 9.50.55 AMCoach Meghan Roth

Full Time Run Coach

Olympic Trials Qualifier

5+ years of Run Coaching Experience

5+ Years Experience Elite Marathoning 

Former Personal Trainer & Metabolic Coach

2:44 Marathoner & 1:20 Half Marathoner

5K 17:34 – 10K 36:43 – 15K 57:09 – 10 Mile 60:31 – 1/2 Marathon 1:20:33 – Marathon 2:44

I have always believed if you work hard with passion, anything you want in life can happen. What is stopping you? I have been a competitive runner for the past 10+ years and continue on my journey of being/becoming a professional runner at a higher level. I want to share my passion of running with others to help them achieve everything they want in there own running journeys and other aspects of there life.

I was a personal trainer at Lifetime Athletic Clubs for 4 years with various certifications in metabolic coaching, nutrition & personal training. Taking pursuit of your goals is empowering and it should be a planned priority in weekly routine. It helps everything else. I am not just a running coach, I am a life coach that looks at the bigger picture for my athletes. I have my own coach that has been there for me through the successes and struggles. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my running. I believe that everyone needs a coach no matter what level of runner you are. To mentor you, drive & motivate you, challenge you, keep you sane, support you, keep your running healthy & balanced and continue bringing your running to the next level.

I want to help you anywhere from running your first race, to restarting a running program, to running your next PR and having the race of your life. No matter what your running goals are, I want to coach and help make everything you want happen for you. Know your goals, have a training plan, lets make it happen.