Strength Training


Strength Training Specific for Runners

✅injury prevention
✅running economy
✅core strength
💪🏼Our personal trainer with 20+ years of experience designed these workouts SPECIFICALLY for runners to work on
🔹core strength
🔹 posture
🔹muscle/joint stability
✅ 2 x a week strength training 25 min
✅ non-complicated exercises good for both beginner and experienced lifters
✅ they will NOT leave you sore for your running workouts
✅ videos for each workout & access to a personal trainer online

Meet our personal trainer


HI! My name is Nicole 🙂 and I want nothing more than to help motivate and guide you on your fitness journey in whatever way I can!

I have been personal training for just about 5 years now and have been fortunate enough to train in a variety of settings. I have also been coaching volleyball for over 4 years. I love working with a variety of age groups and fitness levels.

My biggest belief when it comes to fitness, is that it IS for everyone… but it probably just looks a little bit different compared to your friends, family or people that you follow. And that’s OK! Everyone’s different, and that’s a beautiful thing, so don’t be afraid if it takes awhile to find the right fit for YOU! It’s a lifelong journey and adventure. And I promise you it’s the best one you’ll ever embark on! “

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