Running First Trimester Baby #3

On November 12th 2022, I ran the elusive goal of a sub 3 hour marathon coming in at 2:54! I was very happy to accomplish this lifelong goal that took a decade to achieve, but I was also ready for a break from running. It might seem like now was the optimal time to try for baby number 3, but this journey to baby number 3 actually started almost 18 months prior. In early 2022, I had a miscarriage at 16 weeks & had complications following the miscarriage, and I was not in a position mentally to try again. It was a hard year of greieving the loss of the child we never got to meet. I had a miscarriage before my second was born, but this experience happening in the 2nd trimester was completely different. It wasn’t until 6 month after the miscarriage that we felt ready to approach the idea of trying again. I anticipated it would happen quickly as the prior 4 pregnancies occured within 1-3 cycles. This time was different. We had 10 cycles of negative tests and/or chemical pregnancies. When we finally got a positive test on 2/10/2023, I was elated but also very gaurded. I wanted to believe things would work out but after everything I experienced in the prior 2 years, I struggled to be optimistic about the outcome. I kept the pregnancy a secret from everyone except for 2 people (my running partner & my mom) for the first 16.5 weeks until I felt forced into telling more family members as I started to show. It wasn’t until around week 21 that I started to be able to breath a little easier. Pregnancy after a loss is challenging in a lot of ways, and I expected it to be. It has also been a healing experience in other ways.


Pre pregnancy I was in the best shape of my life! The month I got pregnant, I was actually pretty sick. I was also skiiing a lot more than I was running training for 2 ski races. When I found out I was pregnant, it was 5 days after my first ski race. I had another ski race (50k) coming up 2 weeks later, but I opted to not do the race. I stopped skiing when I found out I was pregnant because it was my first year doing the activity and there was a lot of falling involved which is not safe for running! I started to increase my running as I was no longer skiing 60+ miles a week.

1/19 week 0– 10 miles
1/26 week 1– 31 miles
2/2 week 2– 40 miles
2/9 week 3– 43 miles
Got a positive test on Saturday 2/11 at 3w3d  pregnant. I looked back at the test from the prior day & there was also a line at 3w2d pregnant. Was shocked because I was death bed sick during this month. Jason also had a fever when I thought I was ovulating. I’m a little lost how this was the month is happened after 10 months of trying. I felt symptoms like gas a fatigue immediately.

Monday 2/6- 2 miles @ 10:00 pace

Tuesday 2/7- 7.5 miles @ 10:00 pace

Wednesday 2/8- 3 miles @ 10:00 pace

Thursday 2/9- 6 miles @ 10:00 pace

Friday 2/10- 6 miles with 4 @ tempo 6:55 per mile + Lifting

Saturday 2/11- 5 miles @ 8:30 pace

Sunday 2/11- 2 miles @ 10:00 + Lifting

2/16 Week 4– 50.5 miles
Took several naps this week. Legs felt very fatigued. I took a test every day for 2 weeks. The line got DARK & every test darkened. It feels like some type of miracle that I am finally pregnant. Boobs hurt. Nausea & indigestion is bad. Running feels pretty normal.

Monday 2/13- 9 miles @ 10:00 pace + Lifting

Tuesday 2/14- 6 miles @ 9:00 pace

Wednesday 2/15- 8.5 miles @ 9:00 pace

Thursday 2/16- REST DAY

Friday 2/17- 10.5 miles @ 10:00 pace + Lifting

Saturday 2/18- 8 miles @ 8:30 pace

Sunday 2/19- 8.5 miles @ 10:00 pace + lifting

Month 1

2/23 Week 5– 53 miles
Nausea picked up. I gained 2-3 pounds. I feel super bloated. My boobs already grew a size? Things seem to be progressing strong. I am a little worried now that things are starting to feel more real. Pregnancy after loss is hard. Running has been feeling pretty good this week and doesn’t feel too much harder besides the fatigue and nausea. HCG @ 5 weeks 1708
HCG @ 5 weeks 2 days 3808

Monday 2/20- 7 miles @ 10:00 pace

Tuesday 2/21- 12.4 miles @ 10:00 pace + Lifting

Wednesday 2/22- 7.5 miles @ 8:30 pace

Thursday 2/23- 9 miles @ 10:00 pace + Lifting

Friday 2/24- 8.5 miles @ 10:00 pace

Saturday 2/25- 5 miles @ 8:30 pace + Lifting

Sunday 2/26- REST DAT

3/2 Week 6– 55 miles
Feeling lots of digestive issues this week and some nausea, mainly a lot of hunger. I also feel like I am 4-5 months pregnant when running. I also feel like I look pregnant 16 weeks or so. I guess that happens when this is your body’s 4th time stretching for pregnancy. Some days I started feeling a lot of fatigue and nausea. If I didn’t know I was pregnant, I would 100% know now 

Monday 2/27- 10.5 mi @ 9:30

Tuesday 2/28 12.5 miles @ 9:30 + Lifting

Wednesday 3/1- 8 miles @ 9:30

Thursday 3/2- 7 miles @ 9:30

Friday 3/3- 12 miles (doubles) with 5 mi @ 7:25 tempo + Lifting

Saturday 3/4- 7.5 miles @ 10:00 + Lifting

Sunday 3/5- 5 miles @ 10:00

3/9 Week 7- 56 miles
Symptoms come and go. One day I feel awful and the next I get worried because I feel more normal. I find nausea happens more at night. Running is feeling a little harder with all the nausea and fatigue. I am glad I am able to run a lot inside because it is winter still here. We got a private ultrasound and baby had a HR of 147 bpm.

Monday 3/6- 12 miles @ 9:30avg + lifting

Tuesday 3/7- 6.5 miles @ 9:00avg

Wednesday 3/8- 8.2 miles @ 9:00avg + Lifting

Thursday 3/9- rest day

Friday 3/10- 9 miles @ 9:00avg

Saturday 3/11- 7.5 mi @ 9:00avg + lifting

Sunday 3/12- 5 mi @ 8:30avg


3/16 Week 8- 60 miles

We went to Florida on Wednesday. I honestly don’t feel too terrible this week maybe because I’m distracted. I have been taking things easy and listening more to my body so I wonder if that plays a role in how I feel? Some days I wake up super tired like how will I even make it through the day even after sleeping from 7:30pm-5am so well over 9 hours.. did a progression run ending at 6:45 mile. Running felt better this week because the weather in FL is ideal or maybe it is easier as the symptoms are letting up more.

Monday 3/13- 13.1 miles @ 9:30avg + lifting

Tuesday 3/14- 12 miles (doubles) @ 9:00avg

Wednesday 3/15- 8.5 miles @ 9:00avg + Lifting

Thursday 3/16- 10 miles with 4 @ 6:50avg

Friday 3/17- 7.5 miles @ 9:30avg

Saturday 3/18- 10 miles @ 8:55avg

Sunday 3/19- rest

3/23 Week 9- 61 miles

Ran 14 miles on Monday in Florida. We came back from Florida on Monday. Appt with private ultrasound on Tuesday at 8W6D the heartbeat was 182. Super nauseous most of the day, can’t eat like I normally do. Already up 5lbs. Going to do a hard running workout once a week coming soon. Just short stuff to keep speed in the legs . 8x 200 meters @ 5:45avg. Legs felt pretty heavy at the end of the week but hoping next weeks cut back feels better. I ran 11 miles with my friend Ali on Sunday and didn’t tell her I was pregnant. Even though we were running 10 min pace, I felt more winded than usual and wondered if she noticed.

Monday 3/20- 14 miles @ 8:45avg

Tuesday 3/21- 7 miles @ 9:00avg + Lifting

Wednesday 3/22- 8.5 miles @ 10:00

Thursday 3/23- 8.5 miles with a few 200 meters @ 5:45 pace + Lifting

Friday 3/24- 7 miles @ 9:00avg

Saturday 3/25- 7.5 mi @ 9:30avg

Sunday 3/26- 11.5 miles @ 10:30avg

3/30 Week 10– 51 miles
Not having as many symptoms this week as I did last week. The increased energy showed up in the fact that I could bake muffins one day. It causes concern as loss of pregnancy symptoms can sometimes be a sign of miscarriage. However, it is also around 8-12 weeks with HCG stops increasing and the placenta takes over which relieves pregnancy symptoms in the second trimester: I still have 4 weeks until I’m officially in the 2nd trimester. 3.5 weeks until what happened last time. Heartbeat was 178bpm. We had a pretty bad snow storm and sun zero temps this week- yes- in April. I spent most of my running days inside which was helpful. We told my parents at the end of this week but otherwise no one know. Just 3 people so far total.

Monday 3/27- 8 miles @ 9:30 + lifting

Tuesday 3/28- 10 miles @ 8:20avg

Wednesday 3/29- 10 miles @ 10:00avg

Thursday 3/30- rest day

Friday 3/31- 9 miles @ 9:30avg

Saturday 4/1- 9 mi @ 9:00avg + lifting

Sunday 4/2- 7 mi @ 8:30avg

4/6 Week 11- 62 miles
Up 8lbs so far. They say you ‘should only gain’ 5 during the first trimester, but I always gain a lot more. There is still a lot of snow on the ground which is tough because there isn’t a lot of outdoor running happening. Kicked off the week with a 14 miler starting just before 5am on the treadmill. Feeling less symptoms of the first trimester this week. I am finally able to eat vegetables and meat now. For a solid 5 weeks it was off limits. It does worry me that I have less symptoms because that is what happened before the loss last time. I find that as I approach the 2nd trimester I am almost more on edge about loss.

Monday 4/3- 14.5 miles @ 9:30avg + lifting

Tuesday 4/4- 8.5 miles @ 9:30avg

Wednesday 4/5- 10.5 miles @ 9:00avg + Lifting

Thursday 4/6- 8.5 mi @ 9:30avg

Friday 4/7- 7.5 mi @ 9:30 avg

Saturday 4/8- 8.5 @ 9:00avg + lifting

Sunday 4/9- 7 mi @ 9:30avg


4/13 Week 12– 62.5 miles
UP 10LBS. Ran 15.5 miles on Monday which was the longest training run I have had in 6 months. Right after the run, I got the call that baby is a girl and there are no genetic issues!! I was so excited when I found out. We had an ultrasound on Wed and baby HB was 167. Running has felt like a bit of a drag this week. I feel like I look pregnant but I know I don’t really. I feel more fatigued and some nausea again this week. Started spotting on Sunday after a run but it stopped immediately and things were fine. My OB thinks my cervix was sensitive.

Monday 4/10- 15.5 miles @ 8:55avg + lifting

Tuesday 4/11- REST DAY

Wednesday 4/12- 10 miles @ 9:00avg + Lifting

Thursday 4/13- 10.5 mi @ 9:30avg

Friday 4/14- 9 miles @ 9:30avg

Saturday 4/15- 10 mi @ 9:00avg + lifting

Sunday 4/16- 9 mi @ 9:30avg

4/20 Week 13- 42 miles
Baby HR was in the 160s and she was sqwriming around a lot! I got hit with a TERRIBLE Stomach bug on Tuesday and had to cancel trip to Florida because I couldn’t stop throwing up. It was rough but I am glad to be feeling better and gave me a good mental reset going forward I need to have 1 rest day every week and not overdo things. I felt pretty overwhelmed in the days before I got sick and I always feel that stress plays a role in getting sick to a certain extent.Only 3 people know I’m pregnant besides my husband and kids & 2 of them are my parents. This is the longest I have kept my pregnancy a “secret”. It’s kinda funny but also kinda hard. Went to my first yoga class in 4 months. Felt so out of shape but so good

Monday 4/17- 13.1 miles @ 9:00avg + lifting

Tuesday 4/18- REST DAY SICK

Wednesday 4/19- REST DAY SICK

Thursday 4/20- 7 miles @ 9:30avg

Friday 4/21- 7.5 miles @ 9:00avg

Saturday 4/22- 7.5 mi @ 9:00avg + lifting

Sunday 4/23- 7.5 mi @ 9:30avg

First Tri- 50 mi/week avg

Episode 97- Online vs in person coaching

Episode 97- Online vs in person coaching


Online coaching has been a big hit in the past 10 years with the growth of the internet age. Prior to 2000, almost all coaching was done IN PERSON. There are still a lot of in person groups. We have coaches who started with in person coaching but over time moved into the online coaching space. There are some similarities but also a lot of difference. How do you know which is the right one for you? We are going to do a deep dive into our experiences coaching both and talking about the pros and cons to both sides

  • Why did you start coaching in person?
  • What are the best parts of in person coaching?
  • What are some of the downfalls to in person coaching?
  • How is it less personal? Do people often have to speed up or slow down to run with others?
  • Do people ever feel left out?
  • Is there wasted time with waiting around and driving to locations?
  • Is it hard to tailor the training to each person when you are in a group setting?
  • Did you like being able to see their form or how they finished reps?
  • Does everyone look them same when they are fatigued?
  • What was the best part of transitioning to online coaching?
  • Are you able to assess the data from runs better?
  • How is it more personal to have online coaching?
  • How can you assess someones form?
  • What are the downsides to in person coaching?

Episode 96- Runner’s etiquette

Episode 96- Runner’s etiquette


Have you ever been running along on an isolated trail and see another runner up head and wonder what the proper etiquette is? I have noticed over the years most runners are really great about waving but sometimes they mean mug as they run by. We wanted to chat about the runner code and what is good etiquette while running!

  • When do you wave/smile/say hi vs when do you not?
  • Have you ever been running along on an isolated path and paced by the same person more than once and they ignored your wave?
  • Have you ever been in the middle of a workout and not waved or acknowledged someone?
  • Should you say on your left if you come up behind walkers?
  • What side of the road should you be on if there is no sidewalk?
  • What side of the road should you run on if you see another runner up ahead on the sidewalk?
  • Is weaving on the sidewalk a no no? If so why?
  • Running on the bike path: acceptable or no?
  • Running on a track and other people are there: how do you know what lane to run? & what direction?
  • Spitting?
  • Passing people just for the hell of it?
  • RACES:
  • Where should you start?
  • Cutting bathroom lines?
  • Water stops?
  • Encourage runner when you pass them?
  • Running through the finish line?

95. Nutrition, Yoga, Sleep, Foam Rolling: all the little things

EPISODE 95. Nutrition, Yoga, Sleep, Foam Rolling: all the little things


Running takes up a lot of time! I know just running 30-40 miles per week can often take 6-10 hours a week depending on how fast you run. That time alone is a hug commitment and can sometimes feel like a partime job! When we start to throw in recommendations for nutrition, yoga, foam rolling, strength training, cross training, etc it can all start to feel a little overwhelming! There is only so much time we each have to devote to this hobby and our health, so how do we know where to spend our time? Are all the little things worth it? We are going to do a deep dive into the various activities and what we recommend for optimal performance!

  • What is the most important part of training when it comes to runners?
  • How do you know how many miles you should be running?
  • How many hours per week should you be sleeping?
  • Why is sleep important?
  • Running and sleeping are the two most important things, so what is the next important thing?
  • How often should you strength train?
  • Why does strength training make you a better runner?
  • How often should you stretch or do yoga?
  • What are the benefits to yoga or stretching?
  • How often should you foam roll, message, ice, epsom salt bath?
  • Should you just do as you feel or is it important to do regularly?
  • Do these things drastically improve your recovery or is it more of a placebo?
  • Do you think doing all the little things gives you an extra edge?
  • How many hours per week do you think it takes to do all of these things regularly?
  • Should you compromise running miles to do any of these activities?

94.Self belief will take you to the next level

EPISODE 94.Self belief will take you to the next level


Mental training is critical to becoming the best runner you can be. You can put in the work and follow the training to a T but if you don’t believe in yourself and see yourself achieving your goals, it it likely that you will fall short. Running requires belief and confidence in your abilities. The best thing we can do as runners is to work on our mental strength and confidence in our abilities. This is easier said than done! We wanted to give some practical ways to improve your mindset to take your training to the next level

  • What kind of attitude do you think you need to have to be a successful distance runner?
  • Why is it important to be positive?
  • What are your thoughts like during a race?
  • How do you personally keep from going negative during a race?
  • If you have ever had a bad race, how do you keep that from effecting future performances and being afraid of failure?
  • Do you think your life attitude is reflective of how you approach your races?
  • How can you work to improve your mindset in your day to day life and translate that into races?
  • There is a point of diminishing returns: How do you allow yourself to be open minded instead of saying ‘I have already peaked’?
  • Is this something you always need to be working on or is it one and done?

93.How to breathe while running?

EPISODE 93.How to breathe while running?


Ever finish a hard interval during a workout or a race and have to catch your breath? When you run up a hill do you notice your breathing is labored? We often get asked how to breathe while running and how to improve your fitness to the point where breathing becomes easier while you run. 

  • Have you ever felt like you cannot breathe while you are running?
  • What physiologically is making it feel like you cannot breathe while you run?
  • Humidity, altitude, extreme cold/shivering, being sick, being dehydrated, running too fast
  • Is there a sort of rhythmic breathing you should be doing like in swimming?
  • Should you just breathe whatever is natural and as much as possible?
  • Do you ever get panicked when you breathe heavy during a run and it causes you to breathe even heavier?
  • Can meditation or breathing exercises help runners learn how to relax?
  • I notice when I am more relaxed, my breathing comes more natural when I am running but when I focus on it too much, it feels harder
  • Do you think the bottom line is that people who can’t breathe while running are just going too fast?
  • How can you figure out how fast to be running?
  • How do you talk while running?

Episode 92- How to start training hard again after offseason

Episode 92- How to start training hard again after offseason


This is the time of year when most people are getting stared thinking about training again for spring races. It’s been a long winter and after the holidays, maybe you took more time off than you thought you would! Maybe you are not sure where to start in getting back. We want to do a deep dive into getting back into training again after your offseason and tips for having a long successful season. Often people do too much too soon and burn out within a few months or worse, a few weeks.

  • How long of an offseason is typical?
  • What do you typically do during the offseason?
  • How should you start back adding volume?
  • Should you continue cross training?
  • How much mileage can you add per week?
  • What if you have not been running AT ALL but you were running a TON back in November?
  • When should your first race be of the season?
  • When can you expect to be back into the same shape you were this fall?
  • How will it feel the first few weeks back?
  • How to set goals/mileage targets/paces for workouts?
  • What variable should you add first?
  • What should be the first type of workouts?
  • How long of long runs should you start with?

91. How are our coaches selected

EPISODE 91. How are our coaches selected


Last podcast we chatted about how run4prs works and our process for athletes, but today we are doing a little different podcast about how our coaches are selected and also how to become a run coach in general. We get asked a lot about our hiring process, but we also get asked by people how you can get into the run coaching world. We will be doing a deep dive into our backgrounds and how we got started. We will also be sharing tips to get started with your own coaching journey

How many coaches do we have? 

How did run4prs start?

How did you get into coaching?

How did many of our coaches get into coaching?

How did we pick our current coaches?

How do you become a run coach?

How much does a college or high school coach get paid?

Is there job security?

How do you become certified?

How do you learn everything/what is the best way to learn?

What are some of the best books?

Is it good to be self coached?

Does being a good runner make you a good coach?

What types of people make good coaches?

Is it even hard?

90. How to find the perfect pair of running shoes

EPISODE 90 How to find the perfect pair of running shoes


One of the most common questions we get is ‘what is the best type of running shoe’. It is so crazy how many brands and models of shoes there are on the market today. We want to remove some of the confusion and help make recommendations on how you find your perfect pair of running shoes. You may not like the same type of shoes we like, and in fact, you probably won’t but we will be giving tips for how to find the perfect shoe for YOU and practical tips on how to find those perfect shoes.

  • What are all the different shoes you have loved and used over your 20 year running career?
  • Why have you used so many different type of shoes? Do you think your preferences change?
  • Do you think it is 100% needed to rotate through different shoes like tempo shoes vs long run shoes?
  • How do you find your shoes personally NOW?
  • What are the key things you look for when you go into the store?
  • Have you ever gotten a gait analysis? Do you think it’s worth it?
  • What if you want to try a new type of shoe but want to be able to return it if you don’t like it?
  • What is the benefit to trying shoes on in person vs buying online?
  • Should you ask questions on the shoe rep? What questions do you ask?
  • Neutral, pronate, etc.
  • What is the shoe drop?
  • Do  you typically drift towards shoes that are similar to each other?
  • Is it more about the brand or the model?
  • Do most brands have different models that resemble different models in other brands?
  • Are there really that many choices?
  • Do you think the 250$ shoes are worth it?

89. Should you run based on effort, pace or HR?

EPISODE 89- Should you run based on effort, pace or HR?


There are many ways you can gauge effort on a run. With all the gadgets around now, it seems like the data is endless. Should we look at HR, Cadence, pace, stride length or should we just go based off effort? What is the most important variable? How come sometimes when I run easy, my HR is sky high? We are going to do a deep dive into the different variable at play when you are running and which to look at for the data you need to assess. Don’t get lose in the noise of too much data.

-What was the one thing you started training with for the first 10 years of your running?

-When was the first time you wore a GPS watch?

-Looking back did the GPS help or hurt you? In what ways was it helpful?

-What are some of the downsides to running based off pace?

-When did you start to track your HR on runs?

-Do you find that HR data to follow a pattern and be accurate?

-Are you ever confused by a high or low HR reading?

-How much do you look to HR as a guide?

– How can you improve your HR when running at a fast pace?

-How do you know what paces to run?

-Do some days feel harder than others at the same pace?