Episode 92- How to start training hard again after offseason

Episode 92- How to start training hard again after offseason

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This is the time of year when most people are getting stared thinking about training again for spring races. It’s been a long winter and after the holidays, maybe you took more time off than you thought you would! Maybe you are not sure where to start in getting back. We want to do a deep dive into getting back into training again after your offseason and tips for having a long successful season. Often people do too much too soon and burn out within a few months or worse, a few weeks.

  • How long of an offseason is typical?
  • What do you typically do during the offseason?
  • How should you start back adding volume?
  • Should you continue cross training?
  • How much mileage can you add per week?
  • What if you have not been running AT ALL but you were running a TON back in November?
  • When should your first race be of the season?
  • When can you expect to be back into the same shape you were this fall?
  • How will it feel the first few weeks back?
  • How to set goals/mileage targets/paces for workouts?
  • What variable should you add first?
  • What should be the first type of workouts?
  • How long of long runs should you start with?

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