91. How are our coaches selected

EPISODE 91. How are our coaches selected

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Last podcast we chatted about how run4prs works and our process for athletes, but today we are doing a little different podcast about how our coaches are selected and also how to become a run coach in general. We get asked a lot about our hiring process, but we also get asked by people how you can get into the run coaching world. We will be doing a deep dive into our backgrounds and how we got started. We will also be sharing tips to get started with your own coaching journey

How many coaches do we have? 

How did run4prs start?

How did you get into coaching?

How did many of our coaches get into coaching?

How did we pick our current coaches?

How do you become a run coach?

How much does a college or high school coach get paid?

Is there job security?

How do you become certified?

How do you learn everything/what is the best way to learn?

What are some of the best books?

Is it good to be self coached?

Does being a good runner make you a good coach?

What types of people make good coaches?

Is it even hard?

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