95. Nutrition, Yoga, Sleep, Foam Rolling: all the little things

EPISODE 95. Nutrition, Yoga, Sleep, Foam Rolling: all the little things

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Running takes up a lot of time! I know just running 30-40 miles per week can often take 6-10 hours a week depending on how fast you run. That time alone is a hug commitment and can sometimes feel like a partime job! When we start to throw in recommendations for nutrition, yoga, foam rolling, strength training, cross training, etc it can all start to feel a little overwhelming! There is only so much time we each have to devote to this hobby and our health, so how do we know where to spend our time? Are all the little things worth it? We are going to do a deep dive into the various activities and what we recommend for optimal performance!

  • What is the most important part of training when it comes to runners?
  • How do you know how many miles you should be running?
  • How many hours per week should you be sleeping?
  • Why is sleep important?
  • Running and sleeping are the two most important things, so what is the next important thing?
  • How often should you strength train?
  • Why does strength training make you a better runner?
  • How often should you stretch or do yoga?
  • What are the benefits to yoga or stretching?
  • How often should you foam roll, message, ice, epsom salt bath?
  • Should you just do as you feel or is it important to do regularly?
  • Do these things drastically improve your recovery or is it more of a placebo?
  • Do you think doing all the little things gives you an extra edge?
  • How many hours per week do you think it takes to do all of these things regularly?
  • Should you compromise running miles to do any of these activities?

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