Episode 96- Runner’s etiquette

Episode 96- Runner’s etiquette

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Have you ever been running along on an isolated trail and see another runner up head and wonder what the proper etiquette is? I have noticed over the years most runners are really great about waving but sometimes they mean mug as they run by. We wanted to chat about the runner code and what is good etiquette while running!

  • When do you wave/smile/say hi vs when do you not?
  • Have you ever been running along on an isolated path and paced by the same person more than once and they ignored your wave?
  • Have you ever been in the middle of a workout and not waved or acknowledged someone?
  • Should you say on your left if you come up behind walkers?
  • What side of the road should you be on if there is no sidewalk?
  • What side of the road should you run on if you see another runner up ahead on the sidewalk?
  • Is weaving on the sidewalk a no no? If so why?
  • Running on the bike path: acceptable or no?
  • Running on a track and other people are there: how do you know what lane to run? & what direction?
  • Spitting?
  • Passing people just for the hell of it?
  • RACES:
  • Where should you start?
  • Cutting bathroom lines?
  • Water stops?
  • Encourage runner when you pass them?
  • Running through the finish line?

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