94.Self belief will take you to the next level

EPISODE 94.Self belief will take you to the next level

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Mental training is critical to becoming the best runner you can be. You can put in the work and follow the training to a T but if you don’t believe in yourself and see yourself achieving your goals, it it likely that you will fall short. Running requires belief and confidence in your abilities. The best thing we can do as runners is to work on our mental strength and confidence in our abilities. This is easier said than done! We wanted to give some practical ways to improve your mindset to take your training to the next level

  • What kind of attitude do you think you need to have to be a successful distance runner?
  • Why is it important to be positive?
  • What are your thoughts like during a race?
  • How do you personally keep from going negative during a race?
  • If you have ever had a bad race, how do you keep that from effecting future performances and being afraid of failure?
  • Do you think your life attitude is reflective of how you approach your races?
  • How can you work to improve your mindset in your day to day life and translate that into races?
  • There is a point of diminishing returns: How do you allow yourself to be open minded instead of saying ‘I have already peaked’?
  • Is this something you always need to be working on or is it one and done?

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