88. How to find a routine for success: morning or afternoon runners

EPISODE 88. How to find a routine for success: morning or afternoon runners

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When I first started running, I worked an early shift, so I had to be an afternoon runner. I always wished I could run in the morning, but when I had to leave for work by 6:30am, I just couldn’t do it! Instead I opted to workout after work. I later worked for a company with a later morning culture. Most people got in around 8:30-9am, so I didn’t need to leave for work until almost 8:00! This gave me almost 90 min in the morning to get my run in. Let me tell you how difficult of a transition it was for me! Despite not having to wake up much earlier, I felt like it was almost impossible to be a morning runner for the first few months. I soon made the full transition and could never go back. We are going to chat about how to set yourself up for success no matter what type of routine you pick for yourself.

-What is the best time of day to run?

– Why are so many people morning runners?

– Is it harder to run in the morning or afternoon?

– How do you fuel for a morning run?

– How do you fuel for an afternoon run?

– Getting ready the night before morning run?

– Packing stuff for after work runs?

– Does a run group help?

– What if you miss a day?

– successful tips for sticking with your routine?

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