87. How to become a running coach

EPISODE 87. How to become a running coach

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We get asked this question all the time! Being a run coach is such a unique endeavour. On the surface level it may not seem that running would be a sport complicated enough to need a coach, but if you have listened to our podcast, you know that there is SO much to learn and discover within the sport of running. A good running coach can help open your eyes to all the details that can help propel your training to the next level. We will be chatting about our journey to becoming a run coach & what we recommend people do if they want to get started coaching.

  • How did you get started run coaching?
  • When was the first time you got paid to coach & how much was it?
  • How many years of running experience did you have before you started coaching?
  • What is your background/what certifications or qualifications do you have that you think others should have?
  • Do you think you need to have a certification to get started?
  • What type of people make good run coaches?
    • Passion for running and improvement
    • Personable – interest in others and their running 
    • Leadership qualities
  • What are the top 3 things that run coaches have to do & be good at?
    • Understanding of physiology
    • Open minded & Flexible
    • Empathetic and understanding (know what the runner needs from you)
  • Do you think people have misconceptions at what run coaching is?
    • Create a training plan 
    • Not fully aware of the support that it may take and barriers that can come up during training 
  • Are there different types of coaches like college level vs moms on the run group? How do you find your niche?
  • Do you have to be a certain level of athlete to become a run coach?
  • If you coached yourself to fast times, does that mean you will be a good coach?
  • What are some of the sacrifices to your own training you may have to make?
  • Should you get a mentor?
  • Should you read a book?
  • Should you become certified?
  • Should you practice by writing plans for free?

Should you work for free with local high school?

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