Racing Your Best 5k Or Virtual 5k


Racing your best 5k There are many 5k races this time of year!!This can be a great opportunity for a time trial to see what type of fitness you are in. We want to make sure we train at the correct paces, so assessing your current fitness level is very important! We also want to chat about pacing and goal setting for shorter distance races so that you are able to get the most out of your fitness on race day.

What is a time trial?

Why is racing important?

What is the best way to approach racing a 5k?

How does the 5k differ from a marathon when pacing?

How do you know what pace to go out in?

Do you find most people run the first 800-1 mile way too fast?

Should you put a speed limit on the first mile?

Where should you place yourself on the starting line pack?

Should you weave in and out of people?

What should you feel like at 800 meters, 1 mile, 1.5 mi, 2 mile, 2.5 mi

How will the weather impact your race?


5k racing is TACTICAL! Go into your next 5k race or time trial set up for success with these tips:👇

✅SET PURPOSEFUL GOALS GOING IN: Is this the beginning of your marathon training cycle or your A race for the year? If it’s your A race: You might have a very definitive time goal! If it’s the beginning of your training cycle: Let it just be a stake in the ground for the kick off of your training cycle. Have another goal other than an overall time goal, like negative splitting. Know the PURPOSE of the race 🤓

✅DON’T SKIP THE WARM UP: This is especially important for short distance races because you’re asking your body to reach top speeds. Your muscles can be more efficient when warmed up. It will also reduce your risk for injury! Even a short 5-10 min light jog can help 🙌

✅PUT A SPEED LIMIT ON THE FIRST MILE: You absolutely do NOT want to go out too fast in a race. ⚠️ Use your GPS watch and hold yourself accountable the first 4-10 minutes of the race. When you come up with your A goal race pace, make sure you do not run faster than that pace for the first .5-1 mile of the race. DO NOT change your goal in the first mile of the race. You will feel good at this point so it’s tempting, but it’ll feel better to speed up as you go along rather than crash and burn!

✅BREAK THE RACE DOWN INTO THIRDS: These races are over fast! You need a plan that breaks it down so you can know what pace you should be running at each point and know where your head should be at mentally

✅FINISH STRONG: The last 25% of a 5k is CRITICAL compared to longer races. The margin for error is smaller, so slowing down in last mile or so is really going to affect your overall time. You can avoid slowing down by starting SLOWER in the first mile 💪

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