Maintaining Motivation Despite Fall Race Cancellations


What to do instead of your fall race: how to stay motivated with no races this fall Many athletes have had their spring and fall marathons or goal races cancelled! It can be a hard year for endurance athletes as events have shifted from fun community events to now solo virtual races. Running 26.2 miles outside your house by yourself just isn’t the same as running the Boston Marathon. We have seen a lot of athletes decide to take this year off from running or give up on training altogether because of the race cancellations. We know it can be a hard time, but we are chatting about ways you can actually make this year and next be your fastest years yet. You can reach your highest potential without racing.

What is really the number one thing that makes a great runner? CONSISTENCY

Do races sometimes handicap people from reaching their full potential?

What should someone’s training look like who wants to get faster for the long term but no fall races?

How should you stay motivated to train with no races on the schedule?

What is the point of training?

How can you discover your intrinsic motivation and use that to reach your potential?

When will races be back to normal & how can you prep for that?

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