Peak Heat: Why The Heat Will Make You Faster This Fall


Peak Heat: Why it will make you faster this fall You made it to August! This is the hottest time of the year, but the good news is the temps will begin to drop soon! All these hard weeks of sweating it out and working hard in the hot temps will actually work to your advantage on race day when the temps drop. They say summer training brings fall PRs, and they are right! Don’t lose hope yet!

What happens physiologically in your body when you train in the heat?

Does your body have to work harder when it is hot? When the temps drop, your body won’t be working as hard?

How cold does it have to be to start feeling these effects?

What if it is hot on your race day?

Should you still hydrate and fuel the same even on colder days?

Is there any ways to replicate this type of effect in the summer They say humidity is poor man’s altitude training: do you agree?

How hot does it have to be to see these effects?

Does this mean we should run at the hottest times of day to get the best effect?

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