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TAPERING 🏃🏽🏃🏾‍♀️

Anyone have a BIG race coming up?

✅FOCUS ON NUTRITION: You should be focusing on filling up your glycogen stores with complex carbs starting 5-7 days before your race and then switch to simple carbs the night before and morning of the race. You “weight” may go up, but ❌STAY OFF THE SCALE!❌Just focus on eating whole foods with more carbohydrates. It will help you MUCH more than trying to maintain a “race weight”. The extra weight is just water which is necessary to breakdown the extra carbohydrates

✅FOLLOW YOUR PLAN: It might seem obvious, but make sure you aren’t skipping runs, speeding up on your runs, OR adding additional mileage during the taper! You can’t gain much additional fitness in those final weeks of training but you CAN do things that compromise your taper. Be smart 🤓

✅TUNE INTO RACE PACE: Again, you will NOT gain additional fitness in the week leading up to the marathon! You will probably have a work out or two during your taper that tests out race pace. These are more for a “tune up” rather than “fitness gains”. BUT…👇

✅DO NOT LEAVE YOUR RACE IN A WORK OUT: Do not go FASTER than your prescribed paces during taper week. Don’t “test” your legs. SAVE them for race day! 🙏

✅EXPECT TO FEEL LIKE CRAP: Many people feel like crap during their taper. 😕 This is because your body is in repair mode from the many weeks of hard training. Your body is finally getting ample recovery time, and you might feel like you need to sleep and eat more during this time. Give your body what it needs

Marathon tapering dos and don’t We are getting to the fall racing season. The temperatures are hopefully dropping near you but if not, don’t worry they will be soon! This cooler temps make for prime racing weather! It is an exciting time to go out there and run fast, but we want to make sure we don’t get too aggressive especially during the taper. It may be tempting to hammer some of your runs when the temps fall, so we wanted to talk about the importance of the taper and making sure we stick with the training! We will discuss the dos and don’ts of the marathon taper.

Nutrition When should you start carbo-loading?

If you cut back in mileage do you really need to be eating more?

Are there foods you should avoid? High fiber, high sugar Should you cut out alcohol?

Should you clean up your diet if you have been eating really bad?

Is now a time to start something new like going vegan?

Training If it feels good/legs are fresh can I go faster?

Will I feel like crap during the taper even though I am doing less?

Should I still do workouts? Should I still do long runs?

How should my mileage look?

Mental Training Should I obsess over a pacing plan?

Should I try to test my fitness before?

Should I reflect on my training?

Should I talk a lot about my race?

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