Marathon PEAKING check in: where should we be 2-3 months out We are inching closer to those fall races and entering our peak training for many athletes. We want to do a check in on what you should be thinking about during this time of the season for fall marathoners.

Should you have your fueling plan established?

How should you practice water stops?

Is it important to get a race on the schedule before race day?

Should you be thinking what shoes/outfit to wear?

Chaffing under control?

What if you are just really lacking motivation right now?

How do you determine what your long run should be?

When will you start thinking about race day goals?

Is it normal to not feel like you are getting faster with the heat?

How should you avoid burnout during this time of year?

What do you do if you miss a few days?


Whether you actually have a “real” marathon on the books for Fall or a virtual one, let’s do a mid-marathon training cycle check-in to make sure you are where you should be right now!👇

👉What should your training look like right now?
✅You are in the middle of your marathon training cycle right now if you have a Fall marathon on the schedule! You should be increasing your mileage by no more than 10% each week (with cutback weeks!) and your mid-week workouts and weekend long runs should be getting longer. Use the progressive overload principle!

👉How should you feel?
✅You should feel GOOD right now! You should not feel burned out. If you are feeling burned out, you may have increased mileage by too much & too soon! You need to back off a bit so you can be feeling strong for your peak mileage weeks of training closer to your marathon

👉What should be top of mind at this point?
✅Figuring out what outfit & shoes you want to race in by practicing in them! You also should have established your fueling strategy. If you don’t have it down exactly, you should be the experimental phase on long runs NOW! Figure out now if you plan to take any electrolytes or gels that are on the course, and start practicing with them

👉How can you avoid burnout between now and the race?
✅Don’t increase mileage by more than 10% each week, make sure your long runs aren’t more than 33% of your total weekly mileage, do cutback weeks every 2-4 weeks, and don’t do long runs over 3 hours!

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