Perfect your race day fueling plan As our long runs increase, fueling can become one of the most important factors of our run. We will be chatting about the 24 hours leading up to and 24 hours after your run today. It is important to find a fueling plan and stick with it for race day.

-What should you eat the night before a long run?

– Is it okay to skip a meal the day before a long run even if you snack?

– Should you increase your carb intake the day before?

– Should you avoid any specific foods the day before?

-Will keeping a journal help to see what works for you?

Morning of: What are good options for breakfast? Can you run fasted? What if you have never eaten before a run before? How long after eating should you start your run? How much should you drink before a run? What sort of electrolytes should you use?

During: How many gus/gels should you take? What are other fueling options? Is it okay to just take a small amount? Should you practice water stops? Should you use what they will have on the course on race day? How often to take What if you get sick?

After: How soon after should you eat? What sort of food should you eat? What if you don’t have an appetite?


If you get your fueling plan down, you WILL be faster on race day. 🙌 Check out our tips for each part of the long run/race day fueling plan

✅Increase complex carbohydrate intake starting 3-5 days before long runs and race day
✅Your dinner before long runs and race day should include complex carbs and protein
✅Avoid really fatty foods and oftentimes vegetables (lots of fiber!) can cause stomach distress for runners
✅Get hydrated! This goes for every single day. The days before are important, but your hydration everyday should be a priority

✅You can get away without breakfast on shorter easy runs, but eating before long runs and endurance races is CRITICAL to reach your potential
✅Carbohydrates and a bit of protein is ideal. Avoid fatty foods during this meal too
✅Build up your tolerance over time! After awhile you will be able to eat more and also not have to wait as long to head out the door after eating

✅Simple carbohydrates like running gels, running chews, applesauce packets, etc. every 30 minutes or so (take with water)
✅You need to get in electrolytes from either salt pills or an electrolyte drink such as Nuun or Gatorade
✅Train with what will be on the course, especially for electrolytes since you probably won’t want to carry water and electrolytes during your race

✅Get a mix of carbs and protein (3:1 carb to protein ratio) into your body within 30 minutes. This can be simple like chocolate milk and you can wait to eat a bigger meal later

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