Injuries happen and they can be tough! One of the biggest questions we get is what to do if you get injured & how to come back from an injury. We are going to be covering both of those topics in this episode as well as sharing first hand experiences with coming back from injuries. Don’t make the mistakes we made in our younger years from pushing the envelope on the comeback. The best comeback is slow and steady.

-Have you ever been injured & what was your hardest injury to comeback from?

-What are some of the things you have learned to avoid injuries over the years?

-What are some of the first signs you are injured or going to get injured?

-What is the worst thing you could do if you feel an injury coming on?

-How long should you take off?/who should you see?

-How should you come back from injury?

-Should you have a timeline?

-Should you always come back with run/walks even if you are fast or above that?

-Does running every other day make it easier to come back?


✅AS SOON AS YOU FEEL PAIN, GO SEE A DOCTOR: The fear many athletes have is that when they go see a doctor, they will tell them to stop running. This ISN’T always the case! Some injuries just need to be worked on through massage and other forms of soft tissue manipulation. You can only be sure of what will help you by going into the doctor ❌do not get injury advice online❌

✅GET WITH THE RIGHT CARE TEAM: Make sure you are seeking out physical therapists and doctors that specialize in runners and athletes. They will be much better equipped to create a treatment plan and prevention plan for you. They better understand how important running is to you! Ask good questions and be your own advocate

✅UNDERSTAND PREVENTION & TREAT THE SOURCE: If you are injured, the goal is to get you out of pain and then ensure that you don’t have to deal with it again. Many injuries are a result of imbalances in your body that need to be straightened out. Make sure you are getting a prevention plan from your doctor whether that is certain stretches or strength exercises you can do on your own going forward

✅STAY CONSISTENT WITH YOUR EXERCISES/STRETCHES: Once you get your strength training regimen/stretches from your doctor, make sure to stay consistent with them! It is very easy to fall out of routine but if you really want to prevent the problem from happening again, you need to keep up the consistency

✅DON’T FORCE A TIMELINE ON AN INJURY: If you have a race coming up but you are injured, don’t rush the comeback solely for this one race. You would rather show up on the start line being 10% undertrained than injured. If the marathon you were planning on doing has a half or shorter distance available that same day or weekend, opt for that instead

✅WHEN CLEARED TO RUN, BE CAUTIOUS IN THE COMEBACK: Running every other day is less stressful on the body than running everyday. Run/walks can be a good way to ensure the pain has gone away, not because your fitness can’t handle a continuous run but because continuous running can dull pain and you won’t be as aware of the pain. Walking between running bouts allows your body to really feel if pain is present

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