When to start training for fall races & tips for avoiding burn out

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When to start training for Fall Marathons/Races Spring is here! We are approaching the summer months, and runners are getting excited for their fall races. Actually we are going to have a TON more fall marathons this year because races are postponed!! Did you know we are less than 6 months away from the Chicago Marathon?! 6 months may seem like a long time, but it will be here before you know it. It is important to start training and building your base now so that you can spend the bulk of your marathon training cycle crushing workouts and getting in the best shape possible.

What are some of the downfalls you see happen when athletes wait until June to start training for a marathon?

What sort of mileage or weekly plan should someone have now about 5.5 months away from Chicago?

Is there such a thing as ‘peaking too soon’ many athletes will put off training until How should you feel in June/July because they don’t want to peak too soon?

Is this generally because they overtrained in the past?

What are some ways people can prevent overtraining because I know this is very common?

What should the long run look like right now and how do we safely build it?

What are signs you may be doing too much?

Should athletes be looking for a time trial race or other races later in the year within their marathon build cycle?

How do you select the right training plan for you?


We are 5-7 months out from many fall races and marathons! It seems like a long time away now, but it will be here before you know it. A common question we get is when to start training for Fall races…

The answer is ❗️NOW❗️You want to start building your base ASAP if you aren’t already

✅You will have more time to get really race-specific and build more mileage that will help you reach your goals. If you start in May or June for an October marathon without running consistently before that, then you have to start with simple building blocks. You’ll have less time to get in solid work! 💪

👉Training cycles don’t have specific start dates because ideally you are always running but with different emphases throughout the year. You CAN train all year long if you do it correctly! In a perfect world, a year with an October marathon would look like this:
✅JANUARY-APRIL: Base building period. Should be comfortable doing 90 minute long runs. Mileage should be 25-50% of peak marathon training mileage
✅MAY-SEPTEMBER: Continue building on base, marathon specific workouts, building on long runs
✅NOVEMBER-DECEMBER: Off season! Includes recovery from marathon and building base mileage back up

✅Do a time trial or a 5k race FIRST, then determine your goals based off of that. Your training cycle needs to meet you where you’re at. Coming in with a goal is great, but your current level of fitness determines what is possible in 6 months 🙌
✅If your current 5k pace is your goal marathon pace, it is time to readjust your goals that are more in line with where your current fitness is at
✅You can do a tune up race 4-8 weeks before your marathon to get an even better idea of what your time goal should be

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