80. How to stay motivated to run in the cold

EPISODE 80. How to stay motivated to run in the cold

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If you live anywhere near us, it is starting to get really cold really fast. I am not talking 40-50 degrees. I am talking single digits and negative wind chills here in Minnesota. We get it pretty bad for 4 months out of the year most days don’t get above 20 degrees in the morning if we are lucky. Most days can be single digits or below zero when we get up to run in the early morning. It can be tough to find the motivation to stay running in the cold. We are going to chat about what we do to stay motivated to run outside during these cold months!

  • What is the coldest temp you have ever ran in?
  • What is your cut off temp for running outside?
  • At what temp does it just make sense to do your workout inside?
  • How are you able to breathe in the cold?
  • At what temp does it become hard to breathe and execute workouts?
  • How do you dress in 30 degrees?
  • How much does the wind play a role?
  • How can you run in the snow?
  • Do you have to buy expensive gear?
  • What does your college team do when it is cold outside?
  • What are other options if you stay inside?
  • Do you have to run outside in the cold to be a real runner?

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