Uncertain Times: How To Stay Motivated When Things Change

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Spring is here! But this year is weird! Almost all races have been cancelled. Your training plans may have been derailed. Many parents have had to switch their schedules with schools being out of school. Our lives have had to change a lot in these past few weeks, and sometimes that means our training changes too. Today we are chatting about ways to stay fit and continue to stay motivated to exercise during this time of change


Spring is usually a time of promise and excitement! 🌸 This year couldn’t be more different. Nearly every race across the U.S. and beyond has been ❌cancelled❌, and we are all forced to practice social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our lives have had to change a lot these last few weeks, and that has sometimes meant changes to our training too.

❓So, how do we stay motivated during these uncertain times❓

✅REMEMBER THAT RUNNING IS A CUMULATIVE SPORT: You can keep gaining fitness during this time! The running you do now will only benefit you in your next race

✅REMEMBER YOUR “WHY”: Why did you originally start on your running journey? Don’t tie your running JUST to PRs and the external rewards. Think about the Vitamin D you’re getting, the immune system boost, being in nature. Now is the time to regenerate your internal motivation!

✅ADJUST YOUR SHORT-TERM GOALS: Set short-term, attainable goals that will align you with your long-term goals. Maybe it’s targeting a weekly mileage goal or focusing more on strength training

✅REFLECT ON WHAT TRAINING EXCITES YOU: Do you love threshold workouts or speed workouts? Now is the time to do training that you LIKE! There’s so many different ways to change up a training plan to make it exciting for you! When races are scheduled again, you can get race-specific again

✅BE PROUD OF WHERE YOU’RE AT NOW: You are among the lucky few if you are able to cruise into maintenance mode and run for the love of it. Many people don’t have the option to go outside and run for joy because their fitness simply isn’t there! Don’t take your fitness for granted

✅JOIN IN ON OUR VIRTUAL RACES: It’s so important right now for the running community to come together and race while still practicing social distancing! It’s also fun to see what you can do on your own without crowd support and other runners. These are GREAT for mental toughness and it’s good to practice your pre-race routine without races going on. Come up with a route beforehand: Either go on the track or find a path that has as limited interruptions as possible!

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