How The Heat Will Impact Training This Summer


It feels so great to be running outside again. So many runners are enjoying the nice warm weather, but soon it will become hot. Many athletes will experience a slow down in the upcoming months. We will be chatting today about the impacts of the heat on your training and what you can do to make the most out of your training this summer Sun Impact: Most people don’t think of this one first. The impact on the sun is a huge energy drainer for most people

What are some ways you can avoid the sun?

Should you avoid out and back routes?

How to find shade? Is it important?

What is the best time to run & what time of day should you avoid?

What temp do you start to see a slow down?

Should you modify paces?

Should you keep a journal?

Should you go time based vs mileage based?

How often should you be drinking water?

What are your tips for carrying fuel Should you do electrolytes?


Summer miles can be draining! With the heat, humidity and sun, you can really overdo it if you don’t adjust your training •
👇Check out our top summer training tips so you don’t burn out and continue to feel strong:👇

✅SLOW DOWN: Whatever paces you normally run in the Fall and Spring will NOT be the same in the Summer. Anything above 60 degrees will slow your paces down, especially if it’s humid! ❌DON’T❌ force paces & trust that you aren’t getting slower in the summer. If you took the humidity and heat out of it, your paces WOULD go back to normal. It takes about 6 weeks to get physiological adaptations to the heat so slow down and allow the process to happen naturally 🙌

✅INCREASE HYDRATION: Try to hydrate every 15-30 minutes. 💦Options are to carry it in a handheld or hydration vest, do loops around your house or car, drop water bottles at different spots along your route. How much hydration and electrolytes you need depends on your sweat rate. It takes trial and error to figure out what YOU need to stay hydrated! Everyone is different

✅RUN AT COOLER TIMES OF DAY: Avoid the hottest time of the day and get out when it’s cooler! ⏰

✅RUN A SHADY ROUTE: Sunny routes really zap energy. Do your best to head to the trails or find a shady running path/sidewalk! 🌳

✅DRESS FOR THE HEAT: Opt for lighter colors, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen 🕶🧢

✅AVOID OUT AND BACK ROUTES: Loop around your house or where you parked your car instead so you aren’t stranded 7 miles from your starting point if you start having issues in the heat

✅ADJUST YOUR TRAINING SCHEDULE BASED ON THE FORECAST: Get your quality workouts in on cooler days so you don’t have to adjust paces as much and so you can stay safe 🗓

✅KEEP A JOURNAL/LOOK BACK AT TRAINING: Look at your training from year to year to remind yourself of how much slower you need to go in the heat. It’s a good reminder that you can run really slow in the Summer and still run PRs in the Fall!

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