83. Staying motivated with these workouts over the holidays

EPISODE 83. Staying motivated with these workouts over the holidays

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The holidays are officially here. If you are anything like us, this can be a tough time of year to stay motivated. So many holiday parties, holiday christmas shopping and not enough time to ourselves! So many people fall off the bandwagon over these winter months, and we wanted to chat about things you can do to help with motivation and staying on track and consistent over the holidays

  • Have you ever taken a month off?
  • Is it hard to get back into training if you don’t train during the holidays?
  • How do you stay on track when you have holiday work parties and happy hours and parties to go to?


  • Is it better to do a short run than no run?
  • How do you stay in the routine of working out even if you don’t have time?
  • How can you make it a part of your family routine to prioritize fitness even when it’s the holiday season?
  • Are there ways to involve the whole family and make it fun?
  • Should you sign up for a race in the spring?
  • Does working with a coach and having a plan help you stay on track?
  • Should you add in workouts to the mix to help the time go by faster?
  • Is it okay to use the treadmill?

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