Despite Qualifying 4 times, I will not be registering for the 2017 Boston Marathon

Β I decided I will not be registering for the 2017 Boston Marathon. After two consecutive Boston Marathons, I am ready for something different this year.


1- I’ve ran 16 marathons in the past 3 years 11 of which were out of state.

2-In less than 3 years, I have ran a half or full marathon in 11 different states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Florida, California, Nevada, Mass., Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Michigan, etc), and I have dragged my husband to also run every single one of them.

3- I have ran and ran WELL at the Boston Marathon 2 times (3:20 & 3:26)

I don’t want to say “been there done that”, but in all honesty, I am just not as excited about it as I used to be. The thought of “traveling to run a race” almost makes me cringe. I also have a strong desire to train for a local marathon this spring like Run for the Lakes in Brainard, MN.

Recently, I have been dreading training for and running Boston again *gasp*

If my heart is not in it, I would much rather give my spot at Boston to someone who is DYING to be there.

I have so many non-running things to look forward to this spring, so while I am sad I won’t be getting all the sweet new Boston gear this year, I am glad I am making this decision

Fun Things I am looking forward to!

1- Jason and I purchased a new home which will be build and finished by April 2017

2- Jason and I will need to sell our home and move into our new home during April 2017

3- Jason will be finishing up his Administration graduate program (to become a principal) in May 2017


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  1. Well said! You are an inspiration to me and so many others! It sounds like you have many exciting things upcoming this spring… I look forward to continuing following you in your journey of running and life. πŸ™‚

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