4 tips to get excited about hard workouts!

Have you ever been ‘runner lazy’?

Runner Lazy: When you want to go on a run but you don’t feel like doing the prescribed workout for the day because it sounds ‘hard’

Here are signs you might be experiencing ‘runner lazy’:

-Have you ever just had a day when you look at your training plan and say to yourself, “I just cannot do that“. 

-Have you ever been on your warm up and felt your legs were heavy and tired- all you can think is “how the heck am I going to do this workout if the warm up feels hard”?

-Have you ever been on your easy run the day before and thought, “there is no way I can do tomorrow’s workout

We have all been there. It is completely normal to feel this way in the middle of training. The key to success is learning how to adjust. I am a realist. Our body is not going to feel 100% every single day. Learning how to listen to your body is super important in running. If you feel like you need a rest day, you should take it. 

There is no secret recipe to run a 18:00 5k or a sub 4:00 marathon. The workouts you see on a training plan or prescribed by a coach are not 100% set in stone. The paces are not set in stone. The mileage is not set in stone

1- “Easing into the workout” means you take the prescribed paces for the workout and tone them down by 10-15 seconds per mile. The end goal of the workout is to get down to “prescribed pace” by the end or second half of the workout. 

Easing in allows you to practice negative splits and will likely save you from ‘bonking’ during the second half of your workout

2- Mix up the location- Changing the location of your run can get your mind mentally fired up. Your brain and body sometimes go into “auto” mode when you do the same routine every day. If you run on the treadmill, maybe try the track. If you run on the track, maybe try a new route on the road.

3- Find a partner- Competition or friendship can help inspire you to finish your workout! If someone is out there running 800 meter repeats with you, you are less likely to leave until you are both done! You don’t need to even run “with” the person. Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone there to hold you accountable and ‘suffer’ with you 🙂

4- Do your workout during a race- This is huge! Race day adrenaline can make you feel unstoppable. Doing a tempo or even intervals during a race is a great source of motivation- nothing like a whole crowd of people cheering you on during a workout

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