Want to be a successful runner? Make it apart of your weekly/daily routine.

Want to be a successful runner? Make it apart of your routine

The most successful runners I coach are not necessarily the most naturally talented runners. Natural talent can only get you so far without the work ethic and a solid routine to back it.

All of my successful athletes have 1 thing in common: a solid routine or obligation to run.

“hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

Success is the sum of small things done day in and day out. If you can find a way to make running apart of your lifestyle, you will discover success.

Tips for forming a solid routine around running

1- Packing your gym bag or running clothes the night before & mentally planning for the next day

2- Watching your nutrition and hydration throughout the day knowing what run is coming in the next 24 hours and planning your meals around your run. If you are planning on an 8 mile tempo run @ 4pm after work, it might be a good idea to order something light if your co-workers all go out to eat at 1pm! All about planning it out and thinking ahead. It is on-going, but it will become a routine

3- Watching your activity level – Will you be on your feet all day? Are you doing exhausting manual labor? Sometimes we need to take a break between activities or make adjustments to the training plan based on the energy you are expanding during the week

4- Telling yourself it’s okay to ‘cut it short’. It’s mentally exhausting to think about ‘having’ to go on a run sometimes. Your body is hard-wired to want to conserve energy. Sometimes focusing too much on the distance or daunting workout can cause you to skip it all-together. I always say to myself and my athletes, “just go to the gym or go on your run and focus on just going for 1 mile”. It’s better to allow yourself that mental flexibility that will get you to the gym/out on the run… Then when you get warmed up, you will usually want to continue 🙂 And if you don’t, then cut it short.

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  1. Being one of the tough athletes this year will be hard if you have lots of competitor who are tougher than you. For starter you need to build up strength and stamina in order for you to last longer than your record before. Now that you’ve apply these tips on yourself try to create a gap by challenging yourself. It’s one key where you’ll see how far can you go.

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