Interval & Speed Workout Tips

You need to have the mindset:
🌟”I am completely capable of this workout”🌟

✅ Keep it EASY the day(s) before:
The day before a hard workout we recommend either an easy run or cross training OR rest day. Make sure you spend some time to mentally prepare for the workout the next day. If you are running, think about how easy you need to take it today to feel good tomorrow. Start to visualize where you are going to do the workout and how you will perform! Positive thoughts only! No stressing! You got this.
✅ Warm up + Add Strides: 
We typically recommend a 10-20 min easy running warm up in with 4X10-15 second strides before getting started!
❌Do not judge a workout by how you feel on the warm up❌
Instead, remind yourself to stay relaxed through my upper body & stay calm!
✅First Rep in control: 
Start conservative first rep or mile of any workout should feel nice and smooth! Cruise along at a fast pace but a pace you know you can hold for over the length of the workout. You should always feel you can push a little harder! The idea of a workout is never to go to 100%! Save it for the race. Don’t leave your race in a workout.
✅Stay Focused EACH REP:
2/3rd through the workout is typically when it gets ❌TOUGH❌. It is like the last 1/3 of a race! This is where athletes are made!! Stick in the workout get to that finish! Remember you CAN do it.
🔹One mile or one interval at a time 🔹
✅ BELIEVE in yourself when it gets hard
Remember: you are doing this for YOU. When the going gets tough it’s between you & YOU. You are pursing your dreams.
🔹Each workout goes one more step closer to what you want most. Always think to the bigger picture for your running and where this workout is getting you closer to.
🌟”It’s not just a workout, it’s a dream”🌟
Never forget why you do it!

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