Interval & Speed Workout Tips

An interval workout for me is always can I hold my attitude of the workout for the workout. You know what the workout is but you just need to have the mindset that “I got this, I am completely capable of this workout”. For me it takes a lot of mental preparation for these workouts! It is just how I am! I always get nervous and I always tend to surprise myself. An interval workout is so much mental and physical stress just like a race! The more we can mimic moments in the race when the pace starts to feel difficult during our training runs, the better we are to adapt to it and know what to do in the situation mentally and physically. We keep ourselves from mentally over stressing and in return we are able to keep our running performance progressing forward through out the workout to get the result we want!!

1- Keep it EASY the day(s) before

The day before an interval workout I take as a nice and easy recovery rest or easy run day! I am always thinking about my interval workout the next day during this workout!! I remind myself to take it easy because I know how hard tomorrow’s workout is going to be. I start to visualize where I am going to do my interval workout and how I am going to perform at my best for it! I am always thinking ahead!

2. Warm up + Add Strides!

For my interval workout, I typically get a 2 mile warm up in with 4X10-15 second strides with light stretching! During my warm up I get excited for the workout and start to visualize myself in the workout and how I am going to execute it! I remind myself to stay relaxed through my upper body, stay calm and to just do my best!

3. First Rep in control

I run my first interval nice and smooth! I am cruising along at a fast pace but a pace that I can hold for over the length of the interval. Like during a 4X1 Miles repeats workout, the first 1 mile repeat I typically run the pace that I could at least run another lap at that pace. Then push the pace slightly and try to finish your last interval the fastest like I am racing towards the finish line!

4. Stay Focused EACH REP!

The 2nd to last interval is always the hardest! It is like the last 1/3 of a race! I always remind myself when it starts to be tough, that I am almost done with the workout. I then use that mindset going into my last interval to be able to push the pace and finish fast and strong!

5. BELIEVE in yourself when it gets hard

Believe in yourself and remember that you are doing this for you. You are pursing your
dreams and each great workout goes one more step closer to what you want most in life & running. Always think to the bigger picture for your running and where this workout is getting you closer to. Let it be your runspiration!
“It’s not just a workout, it’s a dream”

The best things in life make us happy. There is nothing better than crushing a workout and knowing how much better you are getting at running & improving at something you truly care about. We don’t just set goals, we crush PRs and workouts week after week to become stronger, but we do it to become happier
Never forget why you do it!

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I am 23 years old. Wife & dog-mom. I started running when I was 19, and it has slowly taken over my life. I spend 40 hours a week working as an office assistant, so running is a good outlet. I have ran 10 marathons/ultras with a 3:19 PR.

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