5 Reasons You Should Consider a Coach

For years, I was a stubborn runner. Well still a stubborn runner, but I know I can’t trust myself with my own training. Accountability is very important. For many runners, they spend years doing it on their own, but eventually get stuck unable to reach the next level. Getting stuck in a rut is common for many athletes, but working with a coach can help break down barriers. Working with a coach can transform your outlook on your training.

Even coaches have coaches! Coach Meghan Roth is a 2:44 marathoner & reports, ” having a coach has been one of the best running decisions I have ever made. The personal connection, support, accountability, motivation, taking the stress out of my training and just seeing better results. Building confidence in my own abilities in a way that I have never felt before and running stronger, faster, and more efficient in a direction on track to everything I have ever wanted for myself. There is nothing more empowering than working towards your dreams.”

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having a Coach.

  1. To Reach Your Full Potential: Each of us has unlimited potential in many areas of our lives. Some comes more natural to us, but mostly it is just putting in the time and hard work. Hard work brings out our talent. Having someone analyze your training from your starting point to reaching your goals and designing a customized program with a clear path on how you are going to get there, really helps to optimize your training and performance. Ultimately it makes the goals you set for yourself very realistic. Personally anything I am putting my time into and what to succeed at, I want to make sure that I have a clear path on how I am going to get there and see results.
  2. Hold You AccountableL Everyone needs some accountability from time to time. Each day brings new challenges and knowing that you have someone always there rooting for you and wanting to see you succeed, gives you the peace of mind that you are never alone with your training. No one is going to care as much about your training and goals as you do. Besides a coach. Having a coach that is completely invested in you and your running success helps to keep you on track, put the work in when sometimes life gets crazy and to give you that extra kick in your step when you need it the most.
  3. Takes the Stress Out of Your Training: This is so important. I am a coach, I love running and I am extremely competitive, but having a coach makes my training so much better! It takes any of the extra training stress out of my running and training. If I was coaching myself, I wouldn’t be able to decide which workout to do that day or I would customize it to what I was feeling that week and to what I “think” is going to improve my performance. Not necessarily what is going to push me to the next level. I would mentally drive myself crazy and I need all of my mental and physical readiness when it comes to my training! Having a coach tell me here are your workouts this week, this is going to be best for your current training and goals.. go run. Running should be fun without the extra stress of planning your own training. Also when someone is giving you training and you crush the workout, it makes it that much more gratifying and builds a sense of purpose and confidence that doesn’t come from you customizing your own workouts. For me it would only make me second guess if the training I was doing was really worth the time and effort in reaching my goals instead of just being excited to see my progress and overall just loving my running.
  4. Train Smarter Not Harder. Why put in extra effort and work to get the same or worse results? Just because you are working harder, doesn’t mean it is making you a better runner. Each of us wants to be successful and have a sense of purpose. No one likes to work there a** off to go nowhere or continue running is circles. Running is an art. You take the heart, passion & drive of a runner along with science of running to truly get the best results. Time is valuable and so are you. Knowing what workouts to do to get the best results is what each of us really wants. Take the guess work out of your training. Having a coach will make sure that you are doing the right paces, workouts, and balancing your weekly training to improve performance, enhance recovery, prevent injury and help you optimize your overall running in pursuit of reaching your goals.
  5. Focus On Your Other Day to Day Expertise: Not everyone is a running expert. Many people don’t choose to be. They choose to focus most of their day on other life long pursuits & careers that they want to be successful in. They want to become experts in other areas. Personally I love coaching and running. I love focusing my time and energy on how I can share my passion and running expertise with others to help them become successful with their running. I can talk about running all day long. For many they enjoy running and want to be successful at it, but just don’t have the extra time to spend on it. Time is money. Your time is valuable. You don’t need to spend the extra time figuring out how to best train yourself when you already have someone that can do that for you. Along with all of the benefits of having a coach in anything that you do. You don’t have to be a running expertise to be a successful runner. You just need to find someone you trust to do it for you.

Of course there are many reasons why you should consider having a coach, but these are 5 reasons of why you should! I know not everyone is going to have a coach, but once you see the priceless value that it brings to your running and life, you might consider it. I

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