Marathon & Half Marathon Pacing Plans

It’s fall racing season! We are approaching goal races for many athletes. We have shared the benefits of running slight negative splits. A negative split is running the second half of the race faster than the first half. This is the method that gives you the best set up to running to your potential and feeling strong at the end of the race.


Setting Time Goals:

We would recommend using a recent race result or workout to assess your fitness. A coach can help with this process. We recommend having A B C goals to keep you motivated in case you have a tough day.

Set multiple goal times!

✔️A Goal (ultimate best performance)
✔️B Goal (great day slightly below A goal)
✔️C Goal (still an amazing time!)
✔️D Goal (not the best day but you are going to finish!)


Marathon Pacing Plan


Design Process

Miles 1-3: Start around 15-20 seconds slower per mile than your goal average race pace. EASE into it. Let your body get into the groove and find the right pace!
Miles 4-7: Should still be around 5-10 seconds slower per mile than goal average race pace. You should still feel extremely relaxed and good through here. Staying RELAXED 😎 the first five miles can help you finish the race strong!
Miles 8-13: It should not feel “hard” yet, but somewhat uncomfortable yet sustainable 👍 You should be running your goal average race pace here. “Assess” how you are feeling at this point 🧐
Miles 14-20: You should be running your goal average race pace or a little faster! Now is the chance to speed up ever so slightly. If you feel great at the half, you can maintain the effort or try going 5 seconds per mile faster & see how it feels 🏃‍♂️💨

Miles 21-26: You should be running your goal average race pace or faster! This can be a tough spot in the race. Don’t even look at your Garmin here. You need to just GO. Now is not the time to question what pace you are going or how you are feeling. ALL of your mental strength needs to be focused inward on staying TOUGH to finish strong! 💪We generally don’t give paces for the last few miles of the race. You should be emptying the tank here and just doing whatever you can to get to the finish! Focus all your energy inward and push yourself to give everything you have. YOU CAN & WILL DO THIS! 💯🙌


Half Marathon Pacing Plan

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Miles 1-2 Ease into it. Start behind the pace group you want to run with. Don’t go out hard. Let your body get into the groove and find the right pace. You have a long ways to go.
Miles 3-4 Should take the first water stop & fuel some point. Taking sips of water is a great method. Don’t push the pace too much, but you might start to get uncomfortable a little. Even effort here! No surging up hills or to pass people. You will likely start to pass a few people through here.
Miles 5-7 This is the section where you will start to get pretty uncomfortable. Your mind will try playing tricks on you. Try to remain positive and don’t do anything crazy. Even effort, no surging. Keep in mind that you ARE strong and the race is HALF OVER!
Miles 8-10 Worst part of the race. This section will make or break your finish time. You are going to need to DIG DEEP. It’s less than 30 min to the finish. Keep counting down. The time is totally going to pass, so dig deep within to find a way
Miles 11-13: GET TO THAT FINISH! You are emptying the tank and the finish is SO close. Do not let up. Give it everything you have left and envision the finish!!


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