Law of Diminishing Returns

The FASTER you get, the HARDER it is to keep getting faster❗️

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Athletes beginning a new program will see rapid results right away but as they become fitter and reach their genetic limits, the improvements level off 📊

When you are new to running, you don’t have to spend much time at all to see improvements. Your return on your investment (ROI) is very high! 📈 You are getting the most bang for your buck right away, which feels pretty awesome! 💸 This is why you’ll see people drop 30 minutes off their marathon time in one training cycle. They are NEW to it and new to proper training! You won’t, however, see Kipchoge go from a 2:00 hour marathon to a 1:30 marathon 😆

As you get further and further into the sport, your ROI decreases 📉, and you will find that the cost of rapid improvement is too high and unsustainable.👇You might:
✅Get injured
✅Not be able to hit workout paces
✅Feel more fatigued than usual
✅Have insomnia
✅Have a higher resting heart rate

💥This is why MORE is NOT always better!💥

Some people can run 100 miles a week and still improve. Some cannot! 👇This is due to:
✅Genetics 🧬
✅Training age: How long you’ve been running (the longer you’ve been running, the more able your body is to handle higher mileage)

Find YOUR mileage sweet spot where you continue to make incremental improvements AND you are healthy! 🙌 The beauty in this is that you CAN still make improvements over time if you stay CONSISTENT. If you keep at it, you WILL continue to improve! 💪 You won’t continue to see the leaps and bounds you maybe once did, but👇you WILL get faster if you:
✅Don’t overdo it
✅Don’t try to replicate someone else’s training
✅Recover hard

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