Fueling for Distance Runners


Eating well and eating enough to fuel our running is incredibly important and is one of the 🔥hottest🔥 topics in the running industry right now. It can feel very overwhelming trying to eat well during busy weeks and it can feel easier to just grab the quick option that might not make us feel as great throughout the day and on the run

1- Set aside 2-3 hours during the week to plan & prep:

In just a few hours, you can bake and cut up loads of vegetables to eat as snacks and serve at meal times. At the same time, you can have a soup cooking in the crockpot. 🍜 This can feel overwhelming right away, so start small with prepping just your lunches for the week and going from there!

2- Don’t buy foods you know you don’t like:

Just because it’s “healthy” doesn’t mean you should buy it! If you don’t actually like the food, it will sit in your fridge, spoil, and then you’ll feel guilty about the food waste. Buy fueling options you know you like and WILL eat! ☺️

3- Don’t force yourself to eat foods you don’t like:

This could make you throw in the towel all together if you force yourself to eat “healthy” foods you don’t like. Food fuels our running, but it should also be enjoyed. ♥️ Stick with the fueling options that you like and will nourish your body!

4- Look into meal or snack delivery:

There are a variety of companies out there that deliver pre-portioned meals you cook and meals you heat up. It may seem “unhealthy” to eat frozen meals, but companies like Daily Harvest have genuinely healthy soups, rice bowls, smoothies, and oatmeal that can be ready within minutes 🍛

5- Make small changes over time:

It’s unrealistic to completely change your diet in a day. Start small. Start by adding vegetables to 1️⃣ meal a day. Start by eating or drinking that post-workout recovery food or drink within 20-30 minutes. Find a couple things to work on, turn them into habits, and go from there! 💪


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