Nutrition Before, During & After Runs



👇Let’s set the record straight on how you should be fueling before, during, and after your run!👇


If you have a run on the schedule that is an hour or longer, be sure to eat primarily carbohydrates (your body’s preferred energy source) and a little bit of protein to help keep you fuller during the later miles. Eat the meal 2️⃣-4️⃣ hours before starting to allow your body time to digest the meal. Then, eat another easily digestible carbohydrate source (such as a gel or chews) 30-60 minutes before starting your run

IDEAS: Bread with peanut butter and a banana, oatmeal made with milk and a fruit, eggs with a bagel and jam, a waffle with yogurt and fruit, breakfast burrito with tortilla, eggs, and cheese 🍞🧀🍳


For runs longer than 90 minutes, eat 30-90 grams of easily digestible carbs every hour. Everyone is SO different in this regard, so figure out what amount works for you on your training runs! 🏃

💡IDEAS: Gels, chews, applesauce, pretzels, dates, drink mix like Maurten


Carbs + protein with a ratio of 4:1 (for every 4 grams of carbs, eat 1 gram of protein) within 30 minutes of finishing your run 💪

💡IDEAS: Smoothie, chocolate milk, toast with peanut butter and banana, omelet, chicken and vegetables, burrito bowl 🌯🍞

⭐️Head over to our Registered Dietician’s Instagram page, @run4prs.dietician for more information on your nutrition questions!⭐️

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