Benefits of Hill Workouts

Hill workouts will help build you into the runner you want to be! Everyone wants great form, strength, and confidence, so add some hill workouts to your training routine for big improvements:




✅Improves form:

It is difficult to run uphill with bad form! Running hills naturally gets you up on your forefeet, forces you to lean forward, and requires you to use your arms efficiently and effectively. They also force you to shorten your stride and increase your cadence, which is a big part of ideal running form. Running hills, and therefore using proper form, will improve your neuromuscular connections so your body remembers what good form is and feels like! 👍

✅Increases your power:

When you run hills, you are fighting gravity and the grade of the hill which builds up strength 💪


✅Easier on your body with similar benefits of speedwork:

Hill repeats are easier on your body than speedwork on flat terrain because you aren’t able to reach top speeds going uphill, and faster running is hard on your body. But you are able to practice the same fundamentals of speedwork during hill workouts (i.e. hill workouts and speedwork require similar efforts). This is easier on your joints, connective tissue, and muscles because you are going slower! 🏃

✅Allows you to tackle any race course with confidence:

You often hear people describe certain runners as “strength” runners, which basically just means they are able to run well on any terrain and hills don’t beat them up as much as the more “metronome” type runners who do really well on flat courses 💥

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