Running Your Best Boston Marathon

The Elusive Boston Marathon is quickly approaching on Patriots day in April. The Boston Marathon is not an easy course! Many people work their whole lives to get to qualify for this race, and we want to make sure it is a great experience and people are ready to tackle this amazing race. We will go into a deep dive as to what to expect from the course and how to train to be in the best shape possible for race day.

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FAQs with Jason Phillippi 2:49 Boston Marathoner & Run Coach

What time did you run the first time you went to Boston? & what was your qualifying time?

I qualified for Boston 2015 during the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon in 2013 with a 3:03. I barely got accepted to run because my time barely hit the standard of 3:05. In Boston 2015, I ran a time of 2:49.

Did you buy the jacket ahead of time?

We purchased the jackets ahead of time both years. There is more apparel at the expo you can get than is available online. Getting the jacket ahead of time is nice so you can ensure you get your side.

Can you wear the jacket ahead of time?

Some people are superstitious about that. I didn’t wear mine ahead of time too much. I think I did on the airplane out there.

How does the coral & wave start work?

There are 30k runners out there. Usually there are 4 waves that start every 30-45 min. Each wave has several corals. You must line up at the start line when your wave is called and be in the correct corals. Most years anyone under 3:05-3:10 qualifying times are in wave one. Bibs will be color coded.

What is athletes village?

This is where the athletes will wait to be called to their starting corals

What was the course like compared to what you were expecting?

The hills were more dramatic than I was anticipating. There is not a lot of flat running on this course. It is either always up or always down. The first 10k is a net downhill, but there are still a lot of climbs. I was surprised by how many hills were throughout the whole race not just the Newton Hills

  • Miles 1-6: the deceptive hills. The first 10k is net downhill but there are some pretty steep hills within there
  • Miles 6-13: All rolling hills. Small downs. Lots of pine trees. Tons of people
  • Miles 16-22: HILLS ON HILLS: Heart Break: Newton
  • Miles 22-26.2 flattens out a bit but still hilly


How do you prepare for a hilly course?

  • Hill repeats
  • Downhill repeats
  • Tempos with hills in
  • Lifting & building strength/power for hills
  • Half marathons hilly in build up
  • Watching videos of the course


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