Should you run with a GPS watch?



For the last several years, the trend in the running industry has been all about recording and tracking data to improve. Heart rate, pace, elevation, sleep, training status, cadence, etc. You name the metric, these watches and apps have found a way to track it. But what are the pros👍 and cons👎 of tracking all of this data?

👍Tracking Run Data Pros:

✅Gain more insight into how workouts and mileage are affecting you and your training

✅Ability to reflect weekly or monthly on on very accurate training to see where improvements can be made

✅Ability to create workouts before you run so while you’re doing the workout, you just need to wait for the beep or buzz to tell you to start or end a segment of the workout

Tracking Run Data 👎CONS:

✅A lot of data “noise” can be distracting and anxiety-provoking if you look too deeply into the numbers or if you just like to keep running simple

✅Your data can be broadcast to a larger audience on apps like Strava which can lead to anxiety, overtraining, and fear of judgment about your training approach and race results

✅It can lead to an overemphasis on what the data is telling you and an underemphasis on how you are FEELING throughout training


❇️You do NOT need a fancy watch to improve as a runner. If the data sends you into a negative headspace, then it might be better for you to stick with a simpler watch. If data makes you feel more comfortable and helps you stay on track, then you should take advantage of it! There is no right and wrong here 🙌

👇That being said, here are some of our favorite watches and apps:👇

What type of watch should you run with?

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💚Garmin: 35, 45, 235, 245, Vivoactive, Fenix models are all at different price points and are great for running

💚Garmin Connect: App that syncs with your Garmin watch and allows you to view more detailed data from your run

💚Coros: Another GPS watch brand that has been gaining popularity in recent years

💚Strava: Social media for runners! Connect with other runners on this app that syncs with your GPS watch and allows you to track runs without a watch

💚Zwift: App that turns running and cycling training into a competitive game! Pair a Zwift-supported device to the app to use this virtual trainer

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