Race Day Rules & Tips

Race day can bring up a lot of emotions for athletes. All the training we put in took a lot of hard work and sacrifices. We pour our heart and soul into our training. It is no wonder that race day nerves can set in. We want to give some tips to help you run your best possible race performance.


Following these rules can unsure you run to your very best potential on race day AND have fun along the way.



1- Don’t go out too fast:

The first mile of any run feels easy, ESPECIALLY the first mile of a race! Don’t let the adrenaline get the best of you. Be SMART and be loyal to your pacing plan

2- Don’t try anything new on race day:

This goes for shoes, fuel, outfit, hydration, etc. If you didn’t try it in training, ❌DON’T❌ try it on race day!

3-  Trust your training:

The work is done. The hay is in the barn. Run the race you know you are capable of and when things get tough, don’t even entertain the idea that you’re not ready for this. YOU ARE! 💪

4- Check in with yourself at halfway:

At the halfway point of any race, you should always do a full check in with yourself to assess how you’re feeling. Can you keep your current pace up for the rest of the race? If not, SLOW down! ✋


Don’t forget why you do this in the first place. You LOVE this sport! Turn the race day nerves into race day EXCITEMENT and have FUN 🤗

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