Legal Doping: Run Your Fastest Times With These Legal Tips (not training specific)

🔥LEGAL DOPING: Run Your Fastest Times With These LEGAL Tips🔥

We talk a lot about the things you can do from a training perspective to get faster, but what about the other details? Is there anything you can do outside of training and recovery to run your fastest times? Today we are sharing the secret tips that will give you an extra edge on race day to run your fastest times.



1- Wear racing shoes

The Nike 4% and Next% shoes are controversial to say the least. For a majority of athletes, these shoes DO make you faster. There is a reason that every broken record is done in these shoes and why you see a sea of neon shoes in every race. We would say they make you about 10-15 seconds PER MILE faster than other shoes. There ARE other carbon plated shoes that are meant to be racing shoes too! Shop around, see what works for YOU. Bottom line: Wear shoes that you feel FAST in. Whether it’s a placebo effect or not for you, if you feel fast then go with it!

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2- Have a race day outfit:

Run in what you feel FAST in! Having your own version of a “race day uniform” will help you get into the mindset that it’s race day 😏

3- Choose downhill/flat courses:

It’s common sense, but running on a flat or downhill course WILL be faster than a course with hills. Downhill courses like the Revel races are becoming very popular. These races have thousands of feet of elevation loss, and they ARE Boston Qualifiers! If you are quad-dominant and run just fine on downhills, these types of races WILL allow you to run faster. Flat courses like Chicago and Indianapolis are great options too 👍

4- Run races with competition:

You’re not going to run to your full potential when you’re alone on a course. Having other people around helps you stay committed to the pace and present in the race 💪

5- Plan accordingly:

Plan out your entire year of racing! This can help shape your goals for the year. For example, if you have three 5ks in the next six months, you should plan to have goals for each one and ideally your last 5k would be your fastest because you’re getting more fit as the year progresses 📆

6- Remove the weather variable:

If you want to have the BEST chances for perfect race day weather, don’t run a longer race in June/July/August/September ANYWHERE in the U.S! You are risking 🥵 weather on race day. Floridians might fare well in 60-70 degree weather, but colder climate dwellers will not perform as well in warmer temps 🌡



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