Running in the 3rd Trimester

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Running in the first trimester:

Running in the second trimester:

During my first pregnancy with my son in 2017, I ran until the day I went into labor at 39 weeks. We didn’t go far, and we didn’t go fast, but we were still doing it! I am writing this while still currently in the 3rd trimester with my second child (daughter) due in October 2020.

The 3rd trimester is the most challenging for running. If you have ran consistently through the first 27 weeks of pregnancy, the first few weeks of the 3rd trimester are not too much more challenging. Things start to really head south for most runners after week 31-32.

During the first week of the 3rd trimester baby is only 2lbs. The baby will now start to grow by 1lbs every other week. This is the time the baby will be putting on the most weight in the shortest amount of time. The rapid weight gain means you stomach will expand, abs will completely separate for babe, and the pressure on the pelvic floor can be a lot to handle.

Running will be putting extra weight on your back, hips, and pelvic floor. Most runners have to cut down drastically or stop during this trimester.

First pregnancy, I was consistently running 60 miles per week during my first trimester. I ran 50-45 miles during my second trimester, then cut down during 3rd trimester. My running mileage was as followed:

28 weeks- 40 miles

29 weeks- 40 miles

30 weeks- 40 miles

31 weeks- 40 miles *23:35 5k race @ 31.5 weeks pregnant

32 weeks- 37 miles

33 weeks- 34 miles

34 weeks- 15 miles

35 weeks- zero miles back injury

36 weeks- 10 miles

37 weeks- 12 miles

38 weeks- 10 miles

39 weeks- 5 miles

In retrospect, I did too much during that 8th month with caused some back pain and injuries that could have been avoided. This time, I want to cut back before I have to and avoid any injuries that may occur.

28 weeks- Still hanging onto 40 miles per week

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 3.55.21 PM.png

Still feeling pretty good & ran one of my fastest 10 milers of pregnancy this week outside at 8:25 per mile avg. Still running 6x per week and 40 mile weeks! I’m up about 30lbs at this point which is more than my first pregnancy but still 15lbs from my delivery weight with Chase. I am feeling a lot stronger this time. I think the strength training and daily yoga are helping me feel good for longer.

Tuesday- 10 miles @ 8:25 pace + LIFT

Wednesday- 7.5 mi @ 9:30 pace + LIFT

Thursday- 6.2 mi @ 8:09 avg

Friday- 7 mi @ 9:20 avg + LIFT

Saturday- 5.3 mi @ 9:07 avg + LIFT

Sunday- 4 mi @ 9:30

TOTAL- 40.5 miles

29 Weeks- Starting to feel harder

13.1 miles ran on Tuesday!! Longest run ever this far along. Baby is 2.5lbs & definitely feeling the added weight! Running is getting more challenging. On top of that, I am getting more braxton hicks contractions during the day and night. I am not sleeping more than a few hours at a time at night because of having to pee or just being uncomfortable.

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 3.54.49 PM

Tuesday- 13.1 mi @ 9:32 avg + LIFT

Wednesday- 6.5 mi @ 9:20 avg + LIFT

Thursday- 5.3 mi @ 8:25 avg

Friday- 7 @ 9:00 avg + LIFTING

Saturday- 5.3 avg + LIFTING

Sunday- 5.2 avg + LIFTING

TOTAL- 40 miles

30 Weeks-Mile 20 of pregnancy marathonScreen Shot 2020-09-01 at 3.14.01 PM

Baby is almost 3lbs. I feel the weight for sure. More back discomfort during day to day life. Running still feels pretty good while I’m doing it & after. I’m doing a lot more treadmill running because it’s less impact, not as hot as outside, and bathroom nearby!

Tuesday- 11 mi @ 9:22 avg + lifting

Wednesday- 6.5 @ 9:15 avg + lifting

Thursday- 5.1 @ 8:02 avg

Friday- 5.3 mi @ 9:05 avg + Lifting

Saturday- 5.5 @ 8:40 avg + Lifting

Sunday- REST

TOTAL- 41 Miles

31 weeks- Lowering the mileage!

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 3.14.14 PM

Still running 6x per week but cutting back mileage as things obviously become harder at 8 months pregnant! I had a back injury during weeks 34-36 with my first pregnancy, so I am hoping cutting down on miles can help me avoid that. Baby is just shy of 4lbs and it definitely feels like she is getting stronger with the punches/fetal movement I am feeling. I feel further along than I am or she is just WAY bigger and stronger than Chase was at this point lol

Monday- REST DAY

Tuesday- 11 mi @ 9:10 pace + LIFTING

Wednesday- 7.4 mi @ 9:10 pace + LIFTING

Thursday- 6.2 @ 8:37 pace

Friday- 6.2 @ 9:00 pace + LIFTING

Saturday- 5 miles @ 8:40 pace + LIFTING

Sunday- Rest Day

TOTAL- 36 miles

32 weeks- Whoof! Getting Harder!

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 5.31.56 PM

Baby is 4lbs this week. I am in my 8th month of pregnancy!! Reaching the point where bending over is extremely difficult. My belly feels huge on a whole new level. Baby kicks are so intense at times they stop me in my tracks & make me grab my stomach. Not looking forward to the next 8 weeks

Monday- 7 miles @ 9:00 pace treadmill + LIFTING

Tuesday- 5 miles @ 7:49 pace + LIFTING

Wednesday- 6 miles @ 8:55 pace

Thursday- 5 miles @ 9:00 + 3 @ 8:02 pace & LIFTING

Friday- 5.1 mi @ 9:40 pace + LIFTING

Saturday- 4 mi @ 9:30 pace

Sunday- REST

TOTAL- 35 miles

33 weeks- Cutting down

Baby is just shy of 4.5lbs. Sleep has been not great the past 2 weeks from all the physical discomforts. I’ve been waking up every 1-2 hours at night. I am also finishing that my resting heart rate has really kicked up a notch. Pre pregnancy my RHR is generally 50-52. For most of this pregnancy it has hovered in the 57-60 range. These past 2 weeks it’s been in the mid to upper 60s. My body is obviously under a lot of stress in these final weeks carrying a baby at 8-9 months is no joke. Dropping mileage again this week

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 5.32.02 PM

Monday- 8.4 mi @ 9:30 pace + LIFTING

Tuesday- 7 mi @ 9:30 pace + LIFTING

Wednesday- 4.3 mi @ 7:52 pace

Thursday- 4 mi @ 9:15 pace + LIFTING

Friday- 6 mi @ 9:20 pace + LIFTING

Saturday- 4 mi @ 9:15 pace

Sunday- REST

TOTAL- 34 miles



Baby is just about 5lbs. I am sticking exclusively to the treadmill these days which can be super boring but it helps me stay active at least. This is the week that I got hurt during my first pregnancy and then could not even walk for 2.5 weeks so trying to listen to my body and really not overdo anything. The goal is just to stay active and feel good! My body is just feeling heavy and fatigued. I am very sore. Just needing more time to rest. Added in an extra rest day and cut the mileage a ton this week.

Monday- 8.1 mi @ 8:20 pace + LIFTING

Tuesday- 6 mi @ 9:30 pace + LIFTING

Wednesday- unplanned rest day because SO SORE!

Thursday- 5 mi @ 9:10 pace + LIFTING

Friday- 5 mi @ 9:20 pace

Saturday- REST

Sunday- 3.1 mi @ 9:15 pace + LIFTING

TOTAL- 27 Mi

35 weeks- Baby is really growing now!

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 1.28.05 PM

Baby is just shy of 6lbs. Statica is flaring up on and off when I get up from sitting down. Belly is really getting huge! I get called huge every day. Running still feels pretty good and surprisingly was able to run 30 miles this week. I often get waves of fatigue throughout the week or day. I never know when it’ll hit. Taking things easier pace wise and making sure to rest more. My mind is active but body is tired. Barely lifting any weights when I do lifting just because it was too exhausting to lift what I was lifting. I dropped from 12-20lbs weights to 5lbs or just body weight

Monday- 5.1 mi @ 9:17 pace

Tuesday- 6 mi @ 10:30 pace + Lifting

Wednesday- 4.5 mi @ 10:30 pace

Thursday- 5.3 mi @ 10:27 pace + LIFTING

Friday- 5 miles @ 10:30 pace

Saturday- 4.3 miles @ 10:40 pace + LIFTING

Sunday- REST

TOTAL- 30 miles

36 weeks – Super pregnant

Baby is just shy of 6lbs. I am 9 months pregnant. Running is more of a jog at this point. It definitely doesn’t feel the same as it used to. Definitely going to be tapering down. Walking feels like just as good of a workout as running does. I have low hemoglobin which makes it tough to have a lot of energy. Running still feels okay but the huge belly does make it less enjoyable. We are in the home stretch!


Monday- 3.2 mi @ 10:30 & 4.1 mi @ 10:45 + LIFTING

Tuesday- 6.2 mi @ 10:49 pace

Wednesday- 2 mi @ 7:55 avg + LIFTING + 2 mi @ 10:50 avg

Thursday- REST DAY

Friday- 3.6 mi @ 10:45 avg

Saturday- REST

Sunday- 2 mi @ 10:40 + LIFTING

TOTAL- 23 miles

37 weeks- Tapering Down

I am running more like every other days these days. Lots of walking miles every day. Soon we will be postpartum. The last month of pregnancy is challenging physically so not much running is happening. I ran up until the day I went into labor at 39 weeks with my first. I will probably run the week I go into labor, but it is not much. 1-2 miles here and there is about as much as I like to do these days. I am proud of the 1540+ miles I put in over the course of this pregnancy. I ran about 1700 miles with my first. It is tough to run during pregnancy even from the beginning. It is going to be a nice break from now until I start running again postpartum. I have not taken longer than a day or two off from running in 18+ months. My mind and body definitely could use a break after this running adventure 🙂

Tuesday- 2 miles @ 10:25 pace + LIFTING

Wednesday-  REST






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