How Long To see Fitness improvements


We always see athlete spotlights & others CRUSHING their previous best times… but how long does it actually take to improve???

It takes about 🔸SIX WEEKS🔸to see aerobic physiological benefits from training using the progressive overload principle! This means overloading the body with training stimulus, recovering from it, and then overloading it again 💪

👉You CANNOT improve without proper recovery between! Remember that everyone is different and therefore every runner’s recovery time is a little different

Check out what happens to your body on a physiological level. Some of the benefits come sooner and some come a little later:👇

🔥INCREASED BLOOD VOLUME: This happens within 24 hours after a hard workout. This helps blood flow more efficiently through your body

🔥MITOCHONDRIAL DENSITY: It takes a few weeks of regular training to see noticeable changes here. An increase in mitochondrial density helps the body burn fat efficiently which is needed in long distance events

🔥INCREASED CAPILLARY DENSITY: This also takes a few weeks of regular training for significant changes. With increased capillary density, there are more ways for the blood to make it to your muscles to aid when muscles get fatigued. Your body makes more capillaries as an adaptation to running more easy miles. This gives you a benefit in both speed and endurance!

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